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As the first link in the chain of sea rescue on French coasts and a reference in the field of prevention, the SNSM (French voluntary coastguard organization) wanted to develop a device allowing people enjoying water sports to alertthe rescue services efficiently and be located in real time.

DIAL is an Individual Alert and Localization Device consisting of a waterproof GPS tag inserted into a comfortable and highly resistant silicone strap. In creating DIAL, the SNSM has several objectives in mind. Not only did they wish to create a reliable means of alert and localization that would be suitable for nautical activities and sports and the surveillance of children by the beach, but they also wanted to reduce the time of intervention by rescue services and also reduce the number of false alarms that can take up a lot valuable time. 

Philippe Starck, passionate about the sea and the nautical world, created the design of DIAL, a visible, flexible and highly resistant bracelet, with a comfortable fit that adapts to each wrist.

"Any moment of happiness can turn into danger.

So fast.

DIAL, just by pressing a button, allows happiness to remain happiness and life to survive.

DIAL is a smart bracelet with an ergonomic and elegant design that connects you immediately with your loved ones and / or a rescue organization.

DIAL has been invented by the SNSM, the ones who really save lives.

Every day, always."Ph.S

DIAL has been designed for a very large audience, that is to say the millions of people who practice water sports or sailing, as well as for the safety of children on beaches and even water sports rental companies. 

For more information : www.snsm.org

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