28.10.16 - Architecture

ZA, Paris

Connected with its era, Café ZA is a Parisian, urban and literary restaurant concept. ZA is an international place, the metropolitan and connected epicenter of a city in perpetual evolution. It is a tribe, a unique place for multiple encounters, fertile surprises and artistic events, revolutionizing our vision of the traditional café.


"Wonders are today made of vision, aspiration, energy, flow, connection, movement and emotion." Philippe Starck 


More than just a restaurant or a café, ZA is a universe: an open space where culture, design and innovation come together in a playful and enriching way, a part of daily life. Why not enjoy on-the-go snacks pre-ordered through an application, take the time to read a book or print it on site in a few minutes, linger on the terrace after charging your electric bike before heading off elsewhere…


"Movement is everything. Nothing is static, nothing stands still. In its own way, each element of the universe is in constant motion and we are too. To move for moving is useless. However, to move for moving ideas, for meeting friends and loves, for creating new energies we vitally need: here, it's fair. Nowadays, thousands of brains are thinking about them and creating them. Human and urban movement is reinventing itself completely and ZA is at its core and is its shop window." Philippe Starck