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WORDS TO CHAMPAGNE – Brut Nature 2012, Roederer x Starck

The Louis Roederer Champagne House and the creator Philippe Starck reveal their latest vintage, BRUT NATURE 2012, in 2 champagnes – both white and rosé. Initiated over ten years ago with the first opus, Brut Nature 2006, the collaboration continued and evolved leading to a second vintage in 2009. Today, Louis Roederer Champagne and Philippe Starck are continuing this exciting adventure with the release of the 2012 vintage. 


Brut Nature is the personification of the free thinking that resulted from an encounter between the Louis Roederer House and the creator Philippe Starck. Frédéric Rouzaud, CEO of Louis Roederer, brought his intuition, Philippe Starck imagined the idea, and Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Master, made their vision a reality. 


Abstract conversations between these three men began with a few very specific descriptors which formed the foundations for Brut Nature: honest, minimal, diagonal, modern.  According to Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, “the 2012 vintage gave us the very best: juicy, concentrated grapes with unusual levels of maturity resulting in rich, full-bodied wines worthy of the greatest vintages in Champagne”.




Brut Nature 2012 is even closer to the terroir and a continuation of the two previous opuses yet sets itself apart: it shows a sharper style, even more reflective of the grapes. It is a very vibrant champagne that is extremely bright, elegant and distinguished.


This is a vintage from a year that gave us high quality with grapes of remarkable strength and character, offering a particular sensitivity and even more vibrant and generous Pinot Noirs, which inspired the creation of not one, but two, champagnes: a white and a rosé.


Brut Nature 2012 Blanc is a champagne of action and movement, which exudes intelligence. 
Taut and lively, bright and elegant. 

This is a champagne of daylight, of instant pleasure.” 

“Brut Nature 2012 Rosé is a mental game, a unique sensory and sentimental experience of drinking color, of drinking pink. 

Gentle and intimate, sparkling and powdery. 

This is a champagne of sunset.”



These two wines share the same philosophy, each reflecting an element of Nature, brighter light for the white, deeper rooting in the terroir for the rosé. But for each, this new vintage develops the wonderfully attractive idea of a champagne in motion, somewhere

between sky and earth.




Also designed by Philippe Starck, the packaging reflects the wine: the bare minimum, the first principle.


Tin cap, plain capsule, silver printed with bright yellow and pink, vertical vintage: just a few, well-chosen words to present these champagnes, only the bare minimum.  Starck, guided by the colors, has transcribed the movement and vivacity of these wines.


“These champagnes need no artifice. Their beauty is revealed at the heart. 

With Brut Nature there is nothing left to remove, except the cork…”


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