16.04.24 -

Sea Beyond Ideas Box

"Bibliothèques Sans Frontières brings peace to the world for those who have lost it. Bibliothèques Sans Fontieres brings hope through dream, intelligence, culture and education. Sea Beyond has that same goal of peace and intelligence, but for the 71% of the rest of the world that is the ocean." Ph.S

On June 8, 2024 in Venice, the Prada Group and UNESCO organized the first global conference for the respect and preservation of the oceans: "Ocean Literacy World Conference". Under the aegis of the Municipality of Venice and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this event is part of the SEA BEYOND program, which contributes to educating and raising awareness of ocean-related issues among younger generations. During the event, Philippe Starck and Patrick Weil - founder and president of Bibliothèques Sans Frontières - celebrated the 10th anniversary of Ideas Box and presented this new collaboration with SEA BEYOND.

More information : https://www.pradagroup.com/en/sustainability/cultural-csr/sea-beyond.html

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