01.01.88 - Architecture

Royalton hotel, New York

"It's 1984, I'm very little. I get an amazing phone call from a guy called Ian Schrager.He said to me, "Can you come to New York? And he sends me a ticket because I did not have a penny. I arrive in New York and he asks me: "Would you know how to make me, reinvent me palaces? I said, "Maybe so, but I'm not hiding from you that I've never been to a palace of my life. He answers, "It does not matter. I have prepared you fifteen days. Every day, twice a day, you will change hotels. And after that, you'll tell me what you think. " That's what I did. he asked me to do the Royalton Hotel. We worked four years because for him it was his first big hotel project.. And we gave birth to this thing that did, anyway, a small revolution. That is to say, it was the first time that there was a real act of creation, really personal, really modern, really inventive, but which had the ambition to become a classic." Ph.S

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