17.06.11 - News

Philippe Starck supports the professional solution ELISE

Philippe Starck pursues his ecological fight to protect the environment and call companies to relieve by integrating "ELISE" in offices. Philippe Starck redrew the basket Elise and looked for a sustainable and ecological material. It is the company Roquette in Lille which conceived this vegetal plastic from foodstuffs which cannot be used for the food.

" The ecology does not have to be a punishment, that is why I drew an object, which I hope for it, is desirable and so timeless. The drawing expresses the idea of the intrinsic beauty of the waste and already creased, pre-aged which insures a longevity of the life expectancy of the object. The basket is rather ideal, it lasts stylistically, materially and returns a real service. To save our planet, to change our societies and make them more united, initiatives are needed, large-scale actions; companies can make possible these major mooses for the future of our children ". Philippe Starck.