03.06.13 - News

Philippe Starck projects “MyWorld” in a parallel world

For the D-DAYS 2013, Philippe Starck has entrusted the highlighting of the new sofa MyWorld (Cassina) to the talented sound designer Stephan Crasneanscki. In this way it becomes the hero of transgressive installation and video.  

Dialogue between the object and its fantasy.  

”MyWorld is a cocoon, a nest, a world, where we can be egocentric and comfortably commune with our own shadow or collect some snatches of news from the so called real world”. Ph S. 

“MyWorld makes me want to play with transgression, the tradition and the mixture of genres. I wanted to complete it by adding an electronic composition, inspired by our new collaboration with the Berghain club, in Berlin. The sofa turns into a theatre where the various states bump into one another: suspension, presence, comfort, sensuality… The sofa becomes the silent and elegant witness of our dreams…” Stephan Crasneanscki.

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