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Philippe Starck at the milan furniture fair 2012

Though 6 editors, Philippe Starck unveils his new creations:

Magis :

S.S.S.S (Sweet Stainless Steel Stool): "Miracles are still possible. When we designed S.S.S.S. and the Magis family said they shall produce it in stainless steel, I thought: impossible. They are magicians, and they did it. Unique and incredible"

Zartan : "Before, Robbin Wood and Zartan were in the same forest with the same wood. Now Zartan goes through the fields and brings back some linen"

Driade :

Lou Read : “Minimum prolongation of the body, An organic chair support of the spirit”
"Sometimes, when Lou Read, Laurie Sings"

Kartell :

Finally Alone : "Finally Alone, Almost Alone, Never Alone, When the Archimed law rings the luxious magic of science on your table"

Archives : "Some people put archives in the cold darkness of a basement. Us, we show it in the light, out of gravity and it becomes your own artwork. So simple"

Ice : "When some pieces of pure nothing becomes helpful art. Play with"

Abbracciaio : "With Abbracciaio, even candle holders are in love"

Emeco :

Broom Chair : ““The elegance of the minimum comes from the intelligence of the nothing. Mies Van der Rohe said 'less is more'. Okay it is right, but why choose? With this chair we can say "less and more." Because we choose to make less - less style, less design, less material, less energy and finally we have more.”

“There is a humble guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop and with this dust of nothing, with this he makes new magic. That's why we call it Broom."

Dedon : 

Play Dining : The latest creation of Collection Play with Dedon by Philippe Starck , a table in very pure materials such as bamboo or porcelain.

Baccarat : 

Launched in 2012 in Milan, the new furniture collection CRYSTAL DREAM revisits the luxury of sassy black crystal through two new creations, signed by Philippe Starck: Crystal Supper Black table console and the Small Crystal Supper Black. Two creations contrast and paradox of the light diffracted by the crystal clear in the dark luster of onyx.

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