30.09.10 - Architecture

Le Royal Monceau, Paris

“Le Royal Monceau has nothing to do once again, with the architecture or the decoration, it has to do with an exploration. The exploration of what is, of what should, of what could be the French spirit. Our strengths, our faults, that poetry, that romanticism, that reflection, those high-level critical spirits that kill or that qualify. The creation of a mental space in a place that replaces decoration; where there’s the mind instead of aesthetics, literature instead of style. Creating a full space; of a life, of a memory, of a passage as if the air were vibrated by music, as if the air was palpable because of a perfume, as if the air of a room became legible through the evocation of the spirit of a person who lived there and who would have left his souvenirs, his gifts, his memoirs." Ph.S.

Please click here to watch the video.

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