10.05.11 - Architecture

Le Royal Eclaireur at the Royal Monceau, Paris

« The Royal Eclaireur - Raffles Paris has nothing to do with architecture or decoration, it is an exploration. It’s an exploration of what the French spirit is, of what it should be, and what it could be. Our qualities, our flaws, this poetry, this romanticism, this reflection, this critical spirit taken to an even higher level, which either kills or confirms. It’s the creation of an internal mental space within the physical surroundings and even replacing decoration ; the mental in place of the esthetic, literature in place of style. The creation of a total space, of a life, a memory, of a passage as if its molecules had been set in motion by music, as if the air had become palpable with the scent of parfume, as if a room could be understood by evoking the exquisite soul of one who had lived there, and had left behind memories, gifts, and memoires."». Ph. Starck

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