02.06.22 - Design


“Life is a miracle.” Ph.S

Talleyrand, a name evocative of the Enlightenment, of grandeur and of radiance. A spirit translated into luxurious pieces by Philippe Starck who signs his first line of jewelry exclusively with Baccarat. A collection with character, to reveal the mysterious and fascinating beauty at the heart of women.

Handmade in the Baccarat workshops, each piece is the result of the unique know-how of the craftsmen and of the Best French Artisans of the manufacture. In the “Impératrice” or “Empereur” version, the ring comes to life in the form of a sensational tiara of light. In pink vermeil or rhodium silver, the setting disappears to highlight the cut crystal. Through a striking optical game, Philippe Starck invokes the paradoxes of matter and the mystery of transparency. A symbol of rare virtuosity, the sculptural lines are available in a range of intense shades, blue, red, olivine or in a very black version. The material scintillates and illuminates each gesture. An exceptional collection, accomplice to extraordinary moments.

More information on : www.baccarat.fr

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