14.10.20 - News


The 2020 Jean Prouvé Award Jury, its Honorary President Catherine Prouvé and its President Philippe Starck elected, on Friday October 9th, two teams tied for the first prize. 

The First immaterial Prize is awarded to the Key Project by Margot Asset and Laure Bonnevialle.

The First material Prize is awarded to the project Hors Les Murs by Sarah Alezra, Diane Bonduelle and Jeanne Desmet. 

The winning projects come from the Camondo School in Paris and embody the ambition of a third place based on the complementarity between material and immaterial. They are thus attached to the critical approach of Jean Prouvé on matter and to a form of thought through emptiness that allows the expression of human energy as emphasized by Philippe Starck. 

The two 2020 award-winning teams will collaborate with students from the professional stream to produce their projects across the largest spectrum of trades, from service activities to excellence manufacturing. 


The Jean Prouvé Award from the Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports, in partnership with CNAM and Vitra France, builds on the creative strengths of our French design schools to drive innovation within the school.

More information on education.gouv.fr 

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