02.06.13 - News

"Future by Starck" - ARTE - Trailer

This 100 minutes documentary aims at helping people better understand tomorrow’s world.

Philippe Starck, during his numerous journeys, exchanges views with visionaries about our future: scientists like George Church, one of the first to have cracked the human genome, the astrophysicist Thibaut Damour, or Jeremy Rifkin economist and adviser to several European heads of State…

“One can’t seriously consider the present without contemplating the future. Nobody seems to realise the high stakes that we will have to face. Floor is given to people like me, who created two tooth brushes but on the other side there are real geniuses who really work on subjects and have real answers. I wanted to introduce those people and let them express themselves, because they are the only ones that should be allowed to speak up nowadays. They are the only ones who still have integrity, ethic, and a vision of love for Humanity. We travelled the world around to bring to light all those geniuses who are working for us every day, alas silently and in the shade”. Ph. S

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