12.03.19 - News


2019, March 12th, Frankfurt, 

At ISH Frankfurt, Philippe Starck and Duravit celebrate the 25th anniversary of their partnership and unveil the new Starck T accessories line.

The fluid transition from the round base to the geometric “T” shape is the defining design feature of the series and reminiscent of the branching shape of a tree. This design element appears in every piece of the new range and, as such, forms a recurring and iconic signature. A finely concealed fixing system exhibits a coherent, elegant, timeless and balanced design.

 “In a bathroom, bodies are fragile, humans are vulnerable.
We want, we need softness. We need accessories but we don’t want to be hurt by them.
The Starck T Collection is just the continuation of the softness of the wall, using a vegetal language that is in natural harmony with us.
This sophisticated mix of organic design and of the highest quality of material and fabrication gives us the guarantee of longevity and timelessness.
Because the Starck T Collection by DURAVIT is for life.”

With Starck T, will be presented the Cape Cod and SensoWash collections, always more innovative and inspiring. 

SensoWash incorporates a minimalist design for a maximum shower and toilet comfort. 

The technology of all the components has undergone further development and has been reorganized so that all the technology is now housed in the ceramic body. 

With Cape Cod collection, Philippe Starck has reinvented the bathroom by removing the barriers between nature and the indoor environment. Using authentic materials and aesthetically appealing forms, the Cape Cod range of bathtubs captivates with its unique and timeless design. 

For more information: www.duravit.com