16.04.24 -

AXOR x Starck - a 30-Year Collaboration

It all started with the Salon d’Eau, which included the AXOR Starck collection in 1994 that became an icon of bathroom design. Based on the conviction that good design creates products that are not only beautiful, but also good, AXOR and Philippe Starck develop solutions at the highest aesthetic and technological level that allow for the respectful, conscious use of water, while at the same time providing new pleasure in the water experience. 

“With AXOR, we share a deep love of water. We come from water, we are made of water, and we need water. I have an atomic relationship with this element, and I am always sad when this vital treasure is mistreated. That is why I wanted to work for the protection and preservation of water. AXOR had the same vision. If you want to save water, it shouldn't be a punishment. The only way to make these iconic faucets successful was to present water like an upgrade.”Ph.S

Designed for a lifetime, the partnership between AXOR and Philippe Starck constantly finds new ways to reinvent the bathroom in our living spaces, and will continue to innovate in the years to come.

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