23.09.21 - Architecture


AMOR in Farm, the new fast casual concept from the Alajmo Group has opened on the H-FARM Campus, the largest and most important innovation and training center in Europe. The restaurant, design by Philippe Starck, is housed within 324 square meter building divided between two floors with views of the new H-FARM library.


“Youth, is also the time of learning. H-FARM University will be its temple. But often intelligence is left at the door when one enters a restaurant. It’s a shame because food is primarily fuel for the brain. From the food of the Alajmo brothers, one can expect from them a continuity of intelligence, integrity, creativity and ultimately health. The place, AMOR in Farm, is an image of this: modern, exploratory, free, intelligent, in constant evolution, like us. Long live love on the farm, long live AMOR in Farm.” Ph.S

More details on : www.h-farm.com + www.alajmo.it

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