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Revealed during the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2019, the A.I. chair for Kartell by Philippe Starck and powered by Autodesk is now available in Kartell stores worldwide.


The Birth of Natural Intelligence 


The A.I. series is the fruit of the collaboration between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, termed by Starck as "Natural Intelligence". It is artificial intelligence’s response to input received from creator Philippe Starck and the company Kartell. 


Specifically, in the conception of the A.I. chair, creative thinking and artificial intelligence have merged, developing a new language, a new type of exchange. Artificial intelligence found the solution to the original brief :  


"Kartell, Autodesk and I asked Artificial Intelligence a question :

‘A.I. how can you support our body with the least amount of material and energy possible?’

A.I., without culture, without memory, without influence, replied simply with intelligence, it’s “artificial” intelligence.

A.I. is the first chair designed outside of our brain, outside of our habits of thought.

From elsewhere, a new world opens up to us.

Unlimited.” Ph.S


Starck meets Generative Design


Generative design is a design exploration technology that allows designers and engineers to input their design goals, along with parameters such as materials, manufacturing methods, and cost constraints. The software then explores all the possible permutations of a solution, quickly generating design alternatives. It tests and learns from each iteration what works and what doesn't.


"In getting to know each other, Starck was teaching the system about design intent while the A.I. was trying to learn as much as possible, in order to be as helpful as possible. As the relationship between the two matured, the system became a much stronger collaborative partner, and began to anticipate Starck's preferences and the way he likes to work." Mark Davis, Senior Director of Design Futures at Autodesk.


The software prototype used by Starck includes capabilities that are still being incubated by the Autodesk Research team, such as cutting-edge A.I.-assisted design techniques. This project was also the first time that injection molding was designated as a manufacturing constraint in Autodesk generative design technology.


“When Philippe came to me with his idea and the results of his work in collaboration with Autodesk, I immediately accepted the challenge of starting an industrial production of the project.” Claudio Luti, CEO of Kartell


The A.I. project and collaboration between Starck, Kartell and Autodesk is at the pinnacle of the industrial design world, resulting in one of the most creative outcomes ever achieved with generative design.


100% Recycled Material


Also for the first time, Kartell is using a 100% recycled material in the production of the A.I. chair. Adopting a virtuous process that respects and protects the environment by reusing clean industrial scraps and transforming them to create raw material in order to guarantee the aesthetic quality and structural requirements of the product and reduce the emissions necessary for its production. 


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