11.12.18 - Architecture


Nestled in the Rue du Roi de Sicile, in the heart of the 4th arrondissement of Paris, the 9Confidential hotel is the latest Parisian address signed by Starck.

Oscillating between neo-classicism and extreme modernity, this intimate setting is inspired by the delicate and sophisticated poetry of the 1920s. 

“The 9Confidentiel, with its old-fashioned and sophisticated charm, conjures up a moment. A time during the interwar period, where a poetic and cultivated world sees its romanticism topple towards a menacing modernity. The last remaining elegant individuals cover up their worries with lipstick, intoxicating themselves with a fading romance.

9Confidentiel is a little jewelry box where the glimmer of diamonds is the last sparkle of an overwhelmed society. 9Confidentiel is not a hotel, it is a daydream.” Ph.S

For more informations : www.9confidentiel.com