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Parcours & Réalisations

Born on January 18th, 1949
in Paris, France
father, André Starck (industrial aeronautics)
mother, Jacqueline Lanourisse
married to Jasmine Abdellatif
father of : Ara, Oa, K, Lago and Justice
Studied at Notre Dame de Sainte Croix in Neuilly and l’Ecole Nissim de Camondo in Paris, France
Creation of Ubik (1979)

Architecture / dates are opening dates
Interior Architecture
Current Architecture Projects

Design / dates are creation dates
Design: Electrical appliances
Design : Luggage
Design : Good Goods
Design : Lamps
Design : Furniture
Design : Food
Design : Clothes
Design : Vehicles
Design : Bathrooms
Design : Kitchens
Industrial Design
Current Design Projects

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Architecture / Dates are opening dates

Interior Architecture

Caffè Stern, Restaurant, Paris, France (2014)
SLS, Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, United States (2014)
Paradis du Fruit Dubai, Restaurant, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2014)
Katsuya, Restaurant, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2013)
Katsuya, Restaurant, Kuwait City, Kowait (2013)
Mama Shelter, Hotel, Bordeaux, France (2013)
Mama Shelter, Hotel, Lyon, France (2013)
Mama Shelter, Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey (2012)
IDAM, Restaurant, Doha, Qatar (2013)
Miss Ko, Restaurant, Paris, France (2013)
Ma Cocotte, Restaurant, Saint Ouen, France (2012)
SLS Hotel South Beach, Miami, United States (2012)
Mama Shelter, Marseille, France (2012)
MIA Coffee Shop, Doha, Qatar (2012)
A’Trego, Restaurant, Cap d’Ail, France (2011)
My Blend by Clarins, Spa Royal Monceau, Paris, France (2011)
Royal Eclaireur, Shop, Paris, France (2011)
Royal Monceau, Hotel, Paris, France (2010)
Mori Venice Bar, Italian Restaurant, Paris, France (2010)
La Cigale, Café, Paris, France (2010)
La Co(o)rniche, Hotel, Pyla-Sur-Mer, France (2010)
Palazzina Grassi, Hotel, Venice, Italy (2009)
Paradis du fruit, Restaurant, Bar, Paris, France (2009)
East West, Sound Recording Studios , Los Angeles, United States (2009)
Katsuya, Restaurant, Los Angeles, Glendale, United States (2008)
Katsuya, Restaurant, Los Angeles, Downtown, United States (2008)
Bon, Restaurant, Paris, France (2008)
Baccarat House, Museum, Store, Restaurant, Moscow, Russia (2008)
XIV, Restaurant, Los Angeles, United States (2008)
SLS, Hotel, Store, Los Angeles, United States (2008)
Mama Shelter, Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Paris, France (2008)
Ramses, Restaurant, Madrid, Spain (2008)
Le Meurice, Hotel, Paris, France (2008)
Katsuya, Restaurant, Los Angeles, Hollywood, United States (2007)
Sbar, Restaurant, Los Angeles, United States (2007)
Fasano, Hotel, Rio, Brasil (2007)
Taschen, Library Store, Los Angeles, United States (2007)
Baccarat House, Museum, Store, Restaurant, Paris, France (2004)
Kong, Restaurant, Paris, France (2003)
El Porteno, Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2002 - 2006)
Eurostar terminal, Salon Lounge, London, Great Britain (2002)
Eurostar terminal, Salon Lounge, Paris, France (2002)
Jean-Paul Gaultier, Store, Paris, France (2002)
Bon II, Restaurant, Paris, France (2002)
Taschen, Library Store, Paris, France (2002)
Mikli, Store, Hong-Kong, China (2002)
Mikli, Store, Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan (2001)
Mikli, Store, Düsseldorf, Germany (2001)
Clift, Hotel, San Francisco, United States (2001)
Hudson, Hotel, New-York, United States (2000)
Sanderson, Hotel, London, Great Britain (2000)
Bon, Restaurant, Paris, France (2000)
Mikli, Store, Paris, France (1999)
Saint Martin’s Lane, Hotel, London, Great Britain (1999)
Mondrian, Hotel, Hollywood, United States (1997)
Asia de Cuba, Restaurant, New York, United States (1997)
Placido Arango, House, Madrid, Spain (1996)
Mikli, Store, Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan (1995)
Delano, Hotel, Miami, United States (1995)
Peninsula, Hotel, Hong Kong, China (1994)
Groningen, Museum, Groningen, Holland (1993)
Salone Coppola, Beauty Salon, Milan, Italy (1992)
Hugo Boss, Store, Paris, France (1991)
Teatriz, Restaurant, Madrid, Spain (1990)
Paramount, Hotel, New York, United States (1990)
Asahi, Beer Hall, Japan (1990)
Royalton, Hotel, New York, United States (1988)
La Cigale, Theatre, Paris, France (1988)
Mystique, Café, Tokyo, Japan (1988)
Manin, Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan (1987)
Puzzle, Snack-bar, night-club, Paris, France (1987)
Jouets & Cie, Store, Paris, France (1986)
Creeks, Store, Paris, France (1986)
Theatron, Restaurant, Mexico, Mexico (1985)
Le Moult, House, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France (1985 - 1987)
Le Peninsula, Hotel, Hong Kong (1984)
Costes, Café, Paris, France (1984)
Le Palais de l'Elysée, Private Apartments under President François Mitterand, Paris, France (1983 - 1984)
Starck Club, Club, Dallas, United States(1982)
Les Bains Douches, Club, Paris, France (1978)
La Main Bleue, Club, Paris, France (1976)

Le Nuage, Life and Sport Center, Montpellier France (2014)
P.A.T.H. Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes, Riko (2013)
Ma Cocotte, Restaurant, Saint Ouen, France (2012)
Port Adriano, Port, Majorca, Spain (2012)
Alhondiga, Bilbao (2009)
ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs), Paris, France (1998)
Airport Tower Control, Bordeaux, France (1997)
Starck House, Individual House in wood sold by correspondence, 3 Suisses (1994)
Private Furniture, Paris, France (1987-1994), Madrid, Spain (1995)
Le Baron Vert, Building, Osaka, Japan (1992)
Asahi Beer Hall, Building, Tokyo, Japan (1990)
Nani Nani, Building, Tokyo, Japan (1989)
Laguiole, Factory, Laguiole, France (1987)

Singapore, iLiv@Grange, Singapore (2011)
Leontievsky Mys, St Petersbourg, Russia (2010)
Montréal, Canada (2010)
Panama City, Panama (2010)
Mumbai, India (2010)
Istanbul, Turkey (2010)
Pune, India (2010)
Buenos Aires, Nordelta, Argentina (2010)
Berlin, Germany (2010)
Gramercy, New-York, Dwell 95, United States (2008)
Moscou, Russia (2008)
Acapulco, Mexico (2008)
Dubai G-Tower, Dubai (2008)
Panama City, Panama (2008)
Punta del Este, Uruguay (2008)
Tijiuana, Mexico (2007)
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2007)
Munich, Germany (2007)
Toronto, 75 Portland, Canada (2006)
New-York, Grammercy, United States (2006)
Miami, Icon Brickell, United States (2006)
Cap Yamu, Phuket, Thaïland (2006)
Boston, D4, United States (2006)
Copenhague, Danemark (2006)
Dallas, United States (2006)
Hambourg, Germany (2006)
Boston Parris Landing, United States (2004)
Miami, Icon South Beach, United States (2004)
New York, Wall Sreet, United States (2004)
Hong Kong, JIA Hotel (2004)
Melbourne, Tribeca, Australia (2004)
Sydney, Australia (2004)
Tel Aviv, Israel (2004)
Londres, NW8, England (2001)
Londres, The Lakes, England (2001)

Current Architecture Projects
Chai Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion, France
SLS New York, United States
G By yoo, Istanbul, Turkey
Yoo Limassol, Cyprus
Yoo Buenos Aires, Nordelta, Argentina
Yoo Switzerland

Design / Dates are creation dates

Design: Technology
Zik Sport, headphones, Parrot (2012)
Speedlab bio & Speedlab cube, Speedlab by S+ARCK, photo printing terminal (2012)
Zik 2.0, headphones, Parrot (2012)
Ideas Box, Multimedia libraries in kit form, Libraries Without Borders (2011)
Netatmo, Thermostat (2011)
Blade Runner, hard drive, Lacie (2011)
Card Navigo (2011)
ZIK, headphones, Parrot (2010)
Net, Flos (2009)
FreeBox Revolution, Free (2008)
Tic Tac, clocks, Kartell (2008)
Zikmu, in colors, wireless speakers, Parrot (2008)
Wind Power, Pramac (2008)
Hard Drives, LaCie (2007)
Zikmu, wireless speakers, Parrot (2007)
Watch, Fossil (2005)
Watch, Fossil (2004)
Optical Mouse by Starck, optical mouse, Microsoft (2002)
Wristwatch Fossil (2002)
Weather Station, Oregon Scientific, (2001)
Ring watch, Fossil (2001)
Pendant Watch, Fossil (2001)
Watch, Fossil (2001)
Bathroom Radio, Princess (2000)
Shaver, Princess (2000)
Electric toothbrush, Princess (2000)
Interdental electric brush, Princess (2000)
Scale, Target (2000)
Curling iron, Princess (2000)
Hairdryer, Princess (2000)
Baby bottle warmer, Target (2000)
900 MHz baby monitor, Target (2000)
Watch, Fossil (1999)
Fountain, Paris (1997)
RT201, clock radio, Thompson (1997)
Low cost watch, watch, Seven Eleven (1996)
Low cost clock, alarm clock, Seven Eleven (1996)
Euro converter (1996)
Boa, stereo FM radio, Saba (1994)
Krazy Jacket, nylon sound jacket, Saba / Adidas (1994)
Bicolor TV, TV (1994)
Vertigo, video player, Saba (1994)
To Yoo, phone, Thomson / Alessi (1994)
La la la, radio, Thomson (1994)
Toccata, CD player, Telefunken (1994)
Street Master, FM radio, Saba (1994)
Rock'n'Rock, micro hi-fi, Telefunken (1994)
Poe, radio, Thomson / Alessi (1994)
Pala Pala, digital answering machine, Thomson (1994)
Personal, portable videophone, Telefunken / Hermes (1994)
Partoo, portable TV, Saba (1994)
Ola, phone, Thomson (1994)
Moosk, radio, Thomson / Alessi (1994)
Lux Lux, 16: 9 TV Pal Plus, Telefunken (1994)
Hook, phone, Thomson / Alessi (1994)
Ego, DVD video player, Telefunken (1994)
Cube, LCD projector, overhead projector, Thomson (1994)
Coo Coo, clock radio, Alessi (1994)
Babel, Tower multimedia video, Thomson (1994)
Alo, voice-activated phone, Thomson (1994)
Plasmaa, slim TV, Nordmende (1993)
Ici Paris, clock radio with digital tuner and three memories, Telefunken (1993)
Don'O, radio, tape player, Thomson (1993)
Aloo, phone, voice command, Thomson (1993)
Speaker, Thomson (1993)
Video player, Saba (1993)
Video player, Thomson (1993)
Video player, Telefunken (1993)
TV, Telefunken (1993)
TV, Saba (1993)
TV, Thomson (1993)
Remote control, Telefunken (1993)
Comboo, TV and CD player combined Nordmende (1993)
Bicolor M5116F TV Screen, screen, Saba (1993)
Radio, Thomson (1993)
Oye Oye, portable FM radio, Saba (1992)
Zeo TV, portable TV, Thomson (1992)
TV bicolor T7049 SLT, TV, Saba (1992)
14''TV, Thomson (1992)
Speakers, Thomson (1992)
Remote, Nordmende (1992)
Oz TV, Telefunken (1992)
Moa Moa, radio, Saba (1992)
Jim Nature Portable Television, Saba (1992)
M 5107, remote control, Saba (1992)
K1, hard disk, D2 (1989)
Espresso machine (1988)
Walter Wayl II, wall clock, Alessi (1987)
Walter Wayl I, wall clock (1985)
Don Quichote, wall clock, Spiral (1983)

Design : Luggage
S+ARCKTRIP, Delsey by S+ARCK (2012)

Design : Good Goods
Good goods, catalogue La Redoute (1996)

Design : Lamps
Les esprits, ceiling light, Baccarat (2012)
Kiki le Cube, Flos (2011)
A4 Light, Flos (2011)
Chapeau, Flos (2011)
Zenith sur la lagune, Baccarat (2011)
Zenith le samedi, Baccarat (2011)
Zenithal, Baccarat (2011)
Personne à la fenêtre, Baccarat (2011)
Harcourt Marie Louise, Baccarat (2011)
Net, Flos (2009)
Bibliotheque National, Flos (2009)
Reflect 299, Flos (2009)
Hide, Flos (2009)
Marie Coquine, Baccarat (2009)
Play with Dedon, Dedon (2008)
Oled, Flos (2008)
Haaa, Flos / Baccarat (2007)
Hooo, Flos / Baccarat (2007)
K Ray, Flos (2007)
La Vie, Flos (2003)
Gun Lamp, Flos (2003)
Long & Hard, Flos (2003)
Pandora Book, Flos (2002)
Fort Knox, Flos (2002)
Romeo Hot Hot, Flos (2001)
Miss K, Flos (2001)
Romeo Louis, Flos (2001)
Lighting Table, Target (2000)
Table lamp, Target (2000)
Superarchimoon, Flos (1998)
Magic Slabe, Flos (1998)
Cicatrices de Luxe, Flos (1998)
Archimoon, Flos (1996)
Oa, Flos (1994)
Romeo Babe, Flos (1993)
Romeo Moon, Flos (1993)
Walla Walla, Flos (1992)
Rosy Angelis, Flos (1992)
Light Lite, Flos (1990)
Doctor Life, Flos (1989)
Miss Sissi, Flos (1988)
Luci Fair, Flos (1987)
Ara, Flos (1986)
Ray Menta (1985)
La lune sans le chapeau, 3 Suisses (1984)
Roi Egon Groat, 3 Suisses (1983)
Sandy Jesperson, 3 Suisses (1983)
Tamish, 3 Suisses (1982)
Soudain le sol trembla, Drimmer (1979)
Easy Light, Electrorama (1977)
Stanton Mick, Electrorama (1977)
Flying Lamp (1970)

Design : Furniture
Alfie Funghie, TOG (2012)
Anton Ho, TOG (2012)
Diki Lessi, TOG (2012)
Ema Sao, TOG (2012)
Joa Sekoya, TOG (2012)
Jono Pek, TOG (2012)
Light Rock, TOG (2012)
Misa Joy, TOG (2012)
Oka Chic, TOG (2012)
San Jon, TOG (2012)
Madame, Armchair, Kartell (2012)
The Lake, coffee table, Kartell (2012)
Ding Dong, Kartell (2012)
Timeless, Kartell (2012)
Broom High Stool, Emeco (2012)
Le Chien Savant, Magis (2011)
Big Will, Magis (2011)
Calippo, Magis (2011)
Arak, Kartell (2011)
Aunt Jamy, Kartell (2011)
Aunt Maggy, Kartell (2011)
Uncle Jack, Kartell (2011)
Uncle Jim, Kartell (2011)
Uncle Jo, Kartell (2011)
Rayn, Dedon (2011)
My World, canapé, Cassina (2011)
Cristal Supper, table, Baccarat (2010)
Play Dinning, table, Dedon (2010)
Broom, chair, Emeco (2010)
S.S.S.S Sweet Stainless Steel Stool, stool, Magis (2010)
Laurie Sings, chair, Driade (2010)
Zartan W, wood, chair, Magis (2010)
Zartan F, fields of linen, chair, Magis (2010)
Zartan, chair, Magis (2009)
Lou Read, chair, Driade (2009)
Tan, chair, Dedon (2009)
Miss Less, chair, Kartell (2009)
One More, chair, Kartell (2009)
One More Please, chair, Kartell (2009)
To T’aime, hanger and table, Alias (2009)
Play with Dedon, collection of chairs, tables and 'egg' lounge, Dedon (2008)
Pipe, chair without side arms, Driade (2008)
Top collection, tables collection, Kartell (2008)
Magic Hole, collection of exterior furniture, Kartell (2008)
Super Impossible, chair, Kartell (2008)
Home Gym Office, Collection of sport equipment for home and office, Alias (2007)
Ring, chair, Driade (2007)
Out In, canapé, Driade (2007)
Ghost Buster, night table, Kartell (2007)
Masters, chair, Kartell (2007)
Robinwood collection, chair, Sutherland (2006)
Peninsula, chair, XO (2006)
Tronc, table, XO (2006)
St Ethic, chair, XO (2006)
Mister Knorr, stool, XO (2006)
Mister Bliss, stool, XO (2006)
Miss T, stool, XO (2006)
Mi Ming, chair, XO (2006)
Bubu II, stool, XO (2006)
Bon Pure White, chair, XO (2006)
Bon, folding chair, XO (2006)
L’Oreille qui voit, mirror, XO (2006)
Holly All, vase, chair, Serralunga (2006)
Loulou Ghost, chair, Kartell (2006)
Dr. Yes, chair, Kartell (2006)
Hi Cut, chair, Kartell (2006)
Pipe, table, Driade (2006)
Pipe, chair, Driade (2006)
Moore, Chair, Driade (2006)
Monseigneur, chair, Driade (2006)
Privé, sofa, Cassina (2006)
Baobab, desk, Vitra (2005)
Mrs. Flower Power, vase, Kartell (2005)
Mr Impossible, chair, Kartell (2005)
Moore, chair, Driade (2005)
Frame, shelf, Driade (2005)
Frame, table, Driade (2005)
Miss Lacy, chair, Driade (2005)
Lago, chair, Driade (2004)
One Coffee, table, Driade (2004)
Royal T, stool, Kartell (2004)
Chicos, stool, Kartell (2004)
Icon, chair, Emeco (2004)
Bubu, stool, XO (2004)
Bonze, stool, XO (2003)
Lili-Brary, shelf, Kartell (2003)
Topcut, table and chair, Kartell (2003)
TopTop, table, Kartell (2003)
Victoria Ghost, chair, Kartell (2003)
Mademoiselle Pol, chair, Kartell (2003)
Lago, chair, Driade (2003)
Bon, rocking chair, XO (2002)
Bon, chair, XO (2002)
Couture, chair, XO (2002)
Objet Perdu, chair, Driade (2002)
Lorenzo le Magnifique, chair, Driade (2002)
Oscar Bon, chair, Driade (2002)
Henry Ghost, shelf, Kartell (2002)
Francois Ghost, mirror, Kartell (2002)
Charles Ghost, stool, Kartell (2002)
Edward Ghost, table, Kartell (2002)
Miss, sofa, Cassina (2002)
Starck tables, table, Emeco (2001)
Meet Kong, chair, Emeco (2001)
Cafe table, dining table, Emeco (2001)
Saint Ethic, chaise, XO (2001)
Miniscool, chair and table, XO (2001)
Mademoiselle, chair, Kartell (2001)
Marie Antoinette, table, Kartell (2001)
Night and Day, bed, Descamps (2000)
Loulou, chair, Vitra (2000)
Ethno plastic stool, stool, Target (2000)
Cozy chair, chair, Target (2000)
Bo, chair, Driade (2000)
Soft Egg, chair, Driade (2000)
Strange Thing, sofa, Cassina (2000)
Tooth, stool, XO (2000)
Bubu, stool, XO (2000)
Zbork, chair, Kartell (2000)
Ploof, sofa, Kartell (2000)
Louis Ghost, chair, Kartell (2000)
T-Table, table, Kartell (1999)
The Club, chair, XO (1999)
Hula Hoop, chair, Vitra (1999)
Cam el Eon, chair Driade (1999)
Jelly Slice, table Driade (1999)
Flat Egg, Table, Driade (1999)
Toy, Table, Driade (1999)
Small Nothing, chair, Driade (1999)
La Bohème, stool, Kartell (1999)
Eros, chair, Kartell (1999)
Bubble, table, Kartell (1999)
Bubble Club, chair, Kartell (1998)
Attila, Napoleon, Saint Esprit, stool and coffee table, Kartell (1998)
Héritage, chair, Emeco (1998)
Hudson, chair, Emeco (1998)
Neoz, console, Driade (1998)
Lavaggio classic, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1997)
Lavaggio modern, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1997)
Poltrona modern, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1997)
Poltrona classic, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1997)
Mensola, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1997)
Sumo table, book rack, Taschen (1997)
Cam el eon, chair, Driade (1997)
Gelly, table, Fiam (1997)
Gelly, nightstand, Fiam (1997)
Caadre, mirror, Fiam (1997)
Neoz, kitchen, Driade (1997)
Slik Slik, chair, XO (1997)
Big Nothing, chair, Driade (1997)
Lazy Working Bed, bed, Cassina (1997)
Lazy Working Sofa, sofa, Cassina (1997)
Toy, chair, Driade (1997)
Lord Yi, table, Driade (1996)
Os, shelf, XO (1996)
M. T, table Cassina (1996)
Miss Coco, chair, Cassina (1996)
La Marie, chair, Kartell (1996)
Cheap Chic, table, XO (1996)
Neoz, bed, Driade (1996)
Neoz, Sofa, Driade (1995)
Neoz, coffee table, Driade (1995)
Neoz, chair, Driade (1995)
Neoz, stool, Driade (1995)
Neoz, table, Driade (1995)
Claudia Evangelista, newspaper racks, Kartell (1995)
Cheap Chic, chair, XO (1994)
Monsieur X, lounge chair, chair, XO (1994)
Monsieur X, Rocking chair, XO (1994)
Ceci n’est pas une brouette, chair, XO (1994)
Peninsula, chair, XO (1994)
Dr No & Dr Na, table and chair, Kartell (1994)
Prince Aha, stool, Kartell (1994)
Miss Trip & Miss Trap, table and chair, Kartell (1994)
Lundi Ravioli, chair, XO (1993)
Bo boloo, table, XO (1993)
Vouwwanden, handle, Winia (1992)
Dr Oola, table, Vitra (1992)
BOOOx, wardrobe, Kartell (1992)
Oly Tango, chair, Driade (1992)
Lord Yo, chair, Driade (1992)
Dadada, stool, XO (1991)
Miss Lee, table, Driade (1991)
PoPoPo, vase, XO (1991)
Cam el Eon, table, Driade (1990)
Boom Rang, chair Driade (1990)
Vicieuse, stool, Driade (1990)
King Costes, chair, Driade (1990)
Louis XX, table, Vitra (1990)
Louis XX, chair, Vitra (1990)
Le Paravent de l’Autre, Driade (1990)
Lio Comun, chair, XO (1989)
Paramount, chair, Driade (1989)
Asahy, chair, Driade (1989)
Royalton, mirror, Driade (1989)
Royalton, bed, Driade (1989)
Royalton, lawn, Driade (1989)
Royalton, sofa, Driade (1989)
Bubu 1er, stool, XO (1989)
W. W., Stool, Vitra (1988)
Royalton, chair, Driade (1987)
Indispensabili, stool, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Very Basic, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Due Techno, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Poltrona basic, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Poltrona Technogel, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Mobile Basic, Presence Paris by Maletti Group (1987)
Baroque2 Techno, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Home Basic, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Cassa Techno, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Carrello indispensabili, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Bacdelavage Techno, Paris Presence by Maletti Group (1987)
Psiche, mirror, Driade (1987)
Placid of the Wood, chair, Driade (1987)
Jane Paille, chair, Driade (1987)
Bob Dubois, chair, Driade (1987)
Tessa Nature, chair, Driade (1987)
Dick Deck, chair, Driade (1987)
Mobilier Urbain, Jean-Claude Decaux (1987-1991)
Lila Hunter, chair, XO (1986)
Miss Balu, chair, Kartell (1986)
Dr. Glob, chair, Kartell (1986)
44 and Royalton, chair, Driade (1986)
Romantica, chair, Driade (1986)
Clown, stool, Driade (1986)
Royalton Bar Stool, Bar Stool, XO (1986)
Alluminio Costes, chair, Driade (1986)
Ed Archer, chair, Driade (1985)
Prince de Fribourg et Teyer, chair, Driade (1985)
Shepard, bed, Driade (1985)
M. (Serie Lang), table, Driade (1985)
J. (Serie Lang), chair, Driade (1985)
Howard, shelf, Driade (1985)
Colucci, stool, Driade (1985)
Bar Stool (1985)
Anna Rustica, chair, Driade (1984)
Len Niggleman, armchair, 3 Suisses (1984)
Lola Mundo, chair, Driade (1984)
Wendy Wright, chair, Disform (1984)
Herbert Schoenheit, shelf, Disform (1984)
Pat Conley II, chair, XO (1984)
Titos apoptosis, table, Driade (1983)
Illusion, table, Fiam (1983)
Mickville, chair, Driade (1983)
Sarapis, barstool, Driade (1983)
Mrs. Frick, chair, Disform (1983)
Pat Conley I, chair, XO (1983)
Tippy Jackson, table, Driade (1983)
Ara, stool, VIA (1983)
Pratfall, chair, Driade (1983)
Costes, chair, Driade (1983)
Von Vogelsang, chair, Driade (1983)
Dr. Taylor, sofa, 3 Suisses (1983)
Chair for the Parc de la Villette (1982)
Al Hammond, shelf, VIA (1982)
Ray Noble, shelf, VIA (1982)
Miss Beason, chair, 3 Suisses (1982)
Fred Zafsky, 3 Suisses (1982)
Joe Ship, table, 3 Suisses (1982)
Richard III, chair, Baleria (1982)
Mr. President, table, Baleria (1982)
Coffee table, Costes, table Baleria (1982)
Starck chair, chair, Baleria (1982)
Jim Hunter, chair, Special Edition (1981)
Nina Freed, table, 3 Suisses (1981)
Dr. Sonderbar, chair, XO (1981)
Chaise chambre Madame, Prototype (1981)
Joe Ship, table, 3 Suisses (1980)
Zero collection, chair, prototype, VIA (1980)
Mister Bliss, stool, XO (1980)
Miss Wirt, chair, VIA (1980)
Miss Dorn, chair, VIA (1980)
Dole Melipone, table, XO (1979)
Mac Gee, bookshelf, Starck Product (1977), Baleria Italy (1982)
Mr Von Vogelsang, sofa, Starck Product (1977)
Dr. Bloodmoney, chair, Starck Product (1977)
Francesca Spanish, chair, Starck Product (1977), Baleria Italy (1982)
John lld, shelf, Starck Product (1975)
Joe Miller, chair, VIA (1970)
Prototype, Cardin, chair (1969)
Crisis collection, chair, prototype (1965)

Design : Food
Champagne Cuvée Brut Nature 2006, Roederer & Starck (2012)
WAHH (2010)
LA Organic, LA (2004)
La Bûche, Starck, Lenôtre (2004)
OAO Organic, bio food (1996)
Pasta, Panzani (1994)

Design : Clothes
Cashmere clothing, Ballantyne (2007, 2008)
Starck naked, underwear, Puma (2004)
Shoes, Puma (2002)
Political T-Shirt, NC (1995)
Starck Naked, nylon clothing, Wolford (1995)
Wet Ghost, Long raincoat, K-Way (1995)
Wet Angel, Long raincoat, K-Way (1995)
Wet Duke, waterproof jacket, K-Way (1995)
Wet Prince, waterproof coat, K-Way (1995)
Wet Lord, waterproof jacket, K-Way (1995)
Starck Eyes, sunglasses, Alain Mikli (since 1994)
Attache Case, Vuitton (1988)

Design : Vehicles (dates are creation dates)
M.A.S.S. –Mud, Asphalt, Sand, Snow- S+ARCKBIKE with Moustache (2012)
V+, car (2010)
Pibal, bike (2010)
Kawazaki W800, moto, Kawazaki (2009)
H+, Catamaran, Hobie Cat (2009)
Venus, Yacht (2008)
Super Naked Xv, motorcycle, Voxan (2005)
A, Mega Yacht (2004)
Wedge II, Yacht (1998)
X3, motorcycle, Aprilia (1998)
Kayak, Rotomod (1996)
Ara III, boat (1994)
X-Ray, moto, projet, Aprilia (1994)
Toto la toto à toto, car, project (1994)
Plywood Car, project (1994)
Virtuelle, sailboat (1993)
6.5, motorcycle, Aprilia (1989)
Lama, scooter, Aprilia (1986)
First, sailing, Beneteau (1984)

Design : Bathrooms
Axor Starck V, Axor (2012)
Axor Starck Organic, Axor (2010)
Sanitary, Duravit, Hansgrohe, Hoesch, (1992)

Design : Kitchens
Kitchens, Warendorf (2007)

Industrial Design
Lame d’Eau, carafe, Fondation France Libertés (2012)
Ice, locker, Kartell (2010)
Archive, locker, Kartell (2010)
Only Me, mirror, Kartell (2010)
Abbracciaio, candle older, Kartell (2010)
Finally Alone, candle older, Kartell (2010)
Log by Laguiole, (2010)
Elise, ecologic basket, Elise (2010)
L'air du temps, Nina Ricci (2008)
Briccole, plates, Venise (2008)
Feuille d’eau, water bottle, Fondation France Libertés (2008)
Home Gym Office, carpets, office chair, desk, bracelets wrist weights and ankle weights, jump rope, bar pulls, wrist weights for neck and arms, hook, Alias (2007)
Richard Mille by Starck, watch, Richard Mille (2005)
Plateaux, IPI (2005)
La, Olive Oil, La Amarilla de Ronda (2004)
Baby chair travel, McLaren (2004)
Carrycot, McLaren (2004)
Diaper bag, McLaren (2004)
Strollers, MacLaren (2004)
Le Grand Larousse Illustré, encyclopedic dictionary, Larousse (2003)
Lux, disposable tableware, IPI (2003)
TeddyBearBand, teddy bears, Moulin Roty (2003)
Collection Dark Side, Baccarat (2003)
1664, bottle, Kronenbourg (2002)
Patastarck, plastic toy (2001)
Disposable knives, IPI (2001)
Bathrobe, Descamps (2000)
Miam Miam, dishes, Driade (2000)
Tunnel tent, Target (2000)
Tissue Box, Target (2000)
Bath towel, Target (2000)
Soap Dispenser, Target (2000)
Soap dish, Target (2000)
Baby carriers, Target (2000)
Diaper Bag, Target (2000)
Vehicle for children, Target (2000)
Small tent for children, Target (2000)
Great tent for children, Target (2000)
Bin, Target (2000)
Baby bowl, Target (2000)
Bottle with soft spout, Target (2000)
Bottle brush, Target (2000)
Bottle, Target (2000)
Fork and spoon for baby, Target (2000)
Potties for toilets, Target (2000)
Food containers, Target (2000)
Toothbrush and base, Target (2000)
Cup, Target (2000)
Briefcases, Target (2000)
CD Container, Target (2000)
Mail sorter, Target (2000)
Scissors, Target (2000)
Paper cutter, Target (2000)
Rotating Pencil, Target (2000)
Pencil, Target (2000)
Press books, Target (2000)
Paper bin, Target (2000)
Desk organizer, Target (2000)
Stapler, Target (2000)
Support of reviews, Target (2000)
Tape dispenser, Target (2000)
Ultime Franc, Monnaie de Paris (1999)
Juicy Salif Gold, Limited Edition, Alessi (1998)
Plastic housing for the magazine Visionnaire (1997)
Poaa, weight, XO (1997)
Good Goods catalogue, La Redoute (1996-1997)
Dr. Skud, fly swatter, Alessi (1996)
Dr. Kleen, Toothpicks (1996)
Dr. Cheese, interdental brush (1996)
Dr. Spoon, spatulas cure Ears, Alessi (1996)
Hairbrush, Seven Eleven (1996)
Toothbrush for children, Seven Eleven (1996)
Toothbrush, Seven Eleven (1996)
Refillable lighter, Seven Eleven (1996)
Cutter delivered, Seven Eleven (1996)
Scissors, Seven Eleven (1996)
Book, Seven Eleven (1996)
Tape dispenser, Seven Eleven (1996)
Gum, Seven Eleven (1996)
Refills, O.5 HB, Seven Eleven (1996)
Gateway Mine, Seven Eleven (1996)
Fluorescent markers, Seven Eleven (1996)
Pencil, Seven Eleven (1996)
Ballpoint Pen, Seven Eleven (1996)
Ceci n’est pas une truelle, shovel pin, Alessi (1996)
Boaat 2-5, canisters, Alessi (1996)
TeddyBearBand, teddy bears, Moulin Roty (1996)
The Face, vehicle for children, Big (1995)
St George, mineral bottle water, St Georges (1995)
Ecu, currency, draft (1994)
Faitoo, kitchen, Alessi (1994)
Arbratoo, small tree is covered, Alessi (1994)
Les Ministres, centerpiece, Alessi (1994)
Liberté, box for objects, Alessi (1994)
Dede, door closers, Alessi (1994)
Excalibur, toilet brush, Heller (1994)
Hot Fredo, Bottle Thermos, Alfi (1991)
Mister Meumeu, cheese holder and grater, Alessi (1991)
Gerome, vases, Driade (1990)
Voilà Voilà, plate, Alessi (1990)
Ti Tang Su Mi Tang, Teapot, creamer and sugar, Alessi (1990)
Olympic Flame, Olympic Winter Games Albertville (1990)
Jojo Long Legs, cheese knife, Laguiole (1989)
Bottled mineral water, Glacier (1989)
Sesamo, door handle, Kleis (1989)
Aperitif, door handle, Kleis (1989)
PS2, door handle, FSB (1989)
PS1, door handle, FSB (1989)
Door Handle, door handle, FSB (1989)
Max le Chinois, drainer, Alessi (1988)
Hot Bertaa, kettle, Alessi (1988)
Juicy Salif, lemon squeezer, Alessi (1988)
Mendini vase, porcelain vase with lid, Alessi (1988)
Pour la Vie, vase with flowers, O.W.O. / Alessi (1988)
Joe Cactus, ashtray, O.W.O. / Alessi (1988)
Shark, photo frame, L'Oreal (1987)
Falstaf, handle, Alessi (1987)
Toothpaste dispenser, Fluocaril (1987)
Toothbrush and basic Fluocaril (1987)
O'Kelvin, table candlestick, O.W.O. / Alessi (1986)
Luciana Fortyfour, candlelight, O.W.O. / Alessi (1986)
Vase, Daum (1986)
Joe Rasputin, wall candle, O.W.O. / Alessi (1985)
Miss Donna, Mirror, O.W.O. / Alessi (1985)
Chab Wellington, rack, O.W.O. / Alessi (1985)
Mini Bayou, handles, O.W.O. / Alessi (1985)
Berta Youssouf, card holder, O.W.O. / Alessi (1985)
Bottle of mineral water, Vittel (1984)
Picfeu, O.W.O. / Alessi (1984)
Smoki Christiani, corkscrew, O.W.O. / Alessi (1984)
Laguiole Knife, folding knife, Laguiole (1984)
Laguiole Set, 6 table knives, Laguiole (1984)
Objets pointus, cutlery, O.W.O. (1984)
Ray Hollis, ashtray, XO (1984)

Current Design Projects
H+, Hydrogen Car
Cannes Ergonomiques

Artistic Director
Artistic Director of Europa Nova Conferences, Paris France (2013)
Ambassador of Creativity and Innovation for the European Year (2009)
Artistic Director of the French Presidency of the European Union (2008)
Logo of the City of Venice
Trophy 4 screens Festival
Virgin Galactic (2006-2007): Art director of the project of democratization of space tourism, design of the rocket and the spaceport in New Mexico
Eurostar (2001)
Group Thomson Multimedia (1993-1996) representing the RCA brand, Normende, Saba, General Electric, Thomson, Telefunken, Ferguson, Brandt

La Domus Academy, Milan, Italie
L'Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France

World Business Forum, Provocateurs, New York, United States
100% DESIGN, London
Monaco Yacht Summit, Monaco
C2MTL, Montréal, Canada
IHT, Paris, France
Super Yacht Design Summit, Nederland
USI, France
Bilbao Bizkaia Concept Design Festival ‘B Awards’, Spain
The INK Conference in Association with TED, India
BIO 22 Fair, Ljubljana, Slovanie
TED, Monterey, USA
Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit, Venise, Italy
Institut Français de la Mode, Paris, France
French American Fondation, Paris, France

Centre Georges Pompidou (February 2003)
Vanity exhibition (1997 Barcelona, Glasgow, Helsinki - 2002 Moscow, Turin, Warsaw)
Guggenheim, New York, USA (2000)
Vitra Design Museum, Basel, Switzerland
Design Museum, London, UK
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan
Museums in Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Germany
Villa Medici, Rome, Italy
Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France

Awards and Decorations
La France s'engage, Ideas Box, 2015
Elle Decor International Design Award EDIDA, Bathroom category, Axor Starck V, 2015
Wallpaper* Design Award, Best Domestic Design category, Axor Starck V, 2015
Label Leading Spa awarded by Leading Hotels of the World, Spa Royal Monceau (2014)
“The Best New Hotels”, Travel & Leisure USA Hot List 2014, Mama Shelter Istanbul (2014)
CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards, Thermostat Netatmo (2014)
Prix des Artistes of the Excellence Française (2013)
Special Award, BFM Awards (2013)
Grand Prix de l’e-réputation (2013)
Favorite award of the jury, Pyramides de Vermeil, Le Nuage (2013)
« World's Greatest Hotels 2013 » Travel + Leisure, Mama Shelter Marseille (2013)
« Best Hotels in the World » CondéNast’s 2013 HOT LIST , SLS South Beach (2013)
"Red dot best of the best" award, Axor Starck Organic (2013)
The 10 most beautifully designed new restaurants, AD New York, Ma Cocotte (2013)
Pyramide de l’innovation, prix projet « Coup de Cœur », Le Nuage (2013)
Best Luxury Residential Design, Lodha Evoq project in Mumbai (2013)
Good Design Award 2012, Miss Less, Kartell (2013)
Conception, Elise (2012)
Lieu de l’année, AJT, Mama Shelter Marseille (2012)
Prix du Public, salon 1.618, V+ Volteis (2012)
Best of CES, Tom’s Hardware & Tom’s Guide, Zik Parrot (2012)
CES Hot Stuff Award, Stuff Award, Stuff Magazine, Zik Parrot (2012)
Product of the Future, Popular Science, Zik Parrot (2012)
8 Meilleurs Hotel en France par Frommer, Mama Shelter (2011)
Die 100 besten Hotels in Europa by Géosaison Award, Mama Shelter (2011)
50 best Hotels in Europa by The Sydney Morning Herald, Mama Shelter (2011)
Best Pool Design - Icon Vallarta(2011)
Best Interior Design (India) - yooPune (2011)
Best Marketing Campaign (India/designed by yoo) - yooPune (2011)
Best Website Design (India/designed by yoo) - yooPune (2011)
Best Overall Development - yooPune (2011)
GOOD DESIGN - Green Product - Awards, Play with Dedon (2011)
Award Visionary Artist, 25 Anniversario Elle, Espagne (2011)
Asia Pacific Property Awards in association with Bloomberg Television, YOOPune et The Beach (2011)
Designpreis Deutschland, Fletco (2011)
Interior Design Award, Fletco (2011)
# 1 Business hotel in Europe by CNBC Business, Mama Shelter (2010)
Red dot award: product design, textile and textile flooring category, Fletco (2010)
BEST HOTEL UNDER 100 EUROS, Mama Shelter (2010)
Good Design Award, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Starck K Kitchen Sink (2009)
The Bazaar by Jose Andres Los Angeles Times Restaurant Review : Four Stars (2009)
The Bazaar by Jose Andres New York Times ‘Outstanding Newcomer’ (2009)
The Bazaar by Jose Andres Travel + Leisure ’50 Best New Retaurants’ (2009)
The Bazaar by Jose Andres James Beard Foundation Awards ‘Best New Restaurant’(2009 Finalist)
The Bazaar by Jose Andres James Beard Foundation Awards ‘Outstanding Restaurant Design’ (2009 Finalist)
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Travel + Leisure ‘It List’, ‘Best New Hotels’ (2009)
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Angeleno Magazine ‘America’s Hottest New Hotels’ (2009)
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills HotelChatter.com ‘Best Geek Hotels’ (2009)
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Conde Nast Traveller (UK) Innovation & Design Awards (2009) (Moss at SLS)
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Wallpaper Best Business Hotels (2009)
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Virtuoso Best of the Best Awards ‘Best Achievement in Design’ (2009)
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Virtuoso Best of the Best Awards ‘Best Bar’ (2009 Finalist)
The Bazaar by Jose Andres Restaurant of the Year in Esquire’s November issue (2009)
Mama Shelter N'1 Business Hotel en Europe pour 2009 par CNBC
SLS One of the best 50 best Business Hotels in the World by Wallpaper (2009)
Lifetime Achievement Award, The Designer magazine (2009)
Conde Nast Traveller Technology award for Zikmu Parrot (2009)
Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Spa for Ciel (2009)
Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Tables for Bazaar (2009)
Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Hotel for SLS (2009)
Best Large Hotel Pour le Mama Shelter, Travel + Leisure (2009)
A Most Innovative Yacht in Yachts France’ at the Cannes Boat Show in 2009
The Most Innovative Exterior Yacht Design of the Year 2008 pour le A lors de Asia Boating Awards Ceremony
Prix global du Bluetooth SIG "Best of CES Las Vegas 2009" pour Zikmu Parrot (2009)
Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum for Mr Impossible chair (2008)
The Fashion Group International, Inc. honors Philippe Starck, Night of Stars (2008)
Grand Prize winner, Gold Key award, Excellence in Hospitality design, Lounge / Bar , Philippe Starck and SBE for S Bar (2008)
International Restaurant & Hotel Award (2008)
CNBC International Property best interior design Awards (2008)
CNBC International Property best architecture Awards (2008)
CNBC International Property best development Awards (2008)
Hospitality design award, SBar (2008)
Design award, Katsuya (2008)
Best project : Siemens en Award (Faena)
Amongst the top new hotels in the world : Conde Nast Traveller USA (Faena)
Amongst the coolest new Hotels in the world : Conde Nast Traveller UK (Faena)
Amongst the 500 Best Hotels in the world : Travel + Leisure (Faena)
Amongst the 10 most dramatic designs in the world : Vogue Japan (Faena)
Best ambience and Design : Conde Nast Traveller UK’s Gold List (Faena)
The third best Hotel Restaurant in the World : Hotels Magazine (Faena)
South America’s leading suite : Faena suite
Argentina’s leading suite : Faena suite ; World Travel Awards
Five diamond The American academy of hospitality, Faena (2007)
Prix Madrid Créatividad (2006)
Best ambience and design Conde Nast traveller UK’s gold list, Faena (2006)
Reddot award (2006)
Best new Hotel Wallpaper design award, Faena (2005)
Reddot award (2005)
Focus d’argent (2005)
Five Star Diamond award as world best designer (2005)
Best project Siemens award, Faena (2004)
Lucky Strike designer award (2004)
Monaco Show Boats (2003)
Observeur de Design d’Etoile (2002)
IF Design Award (2002)
Le prix de la plus belle monnaie du monde, France (2001)
Red Dot Best of the Best Award (2001)
Compasso d’Oro, Italie (2001)
Pratt Institute Black Alumni Award, Etats-Unis (2001)
Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur, France (2000)
Good Design Award (2000)
German Ranking Design Award (2000)
Gold ADEX (2000)
Red Dot for High Design Quality (2000)
IF Product Design Award (2000)
Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France (1998)
Roter Punkt (1998)
IF Design award (1998)
Harvard Excellence in Design award, Etats-Unis (1997)
Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen, Allemagne (1995)
Primero Internacional de Diseno Barcelona, Espagne (1995)
Design - plus (1995)
Premio Internacional de Diseno (1995)
Award for Highest design quality (1995)
Design Preis Schweiz (1995)
Trophée du design Batimat (1995)
Officier des Arts et des Lettres, France (1991)
Twelth Annual Interior Award (1991)
Interior Architecture Award (1990)
Trois prix pour les hôtels Royalton et Paramount, New York, Etats-Unis (1988/1990)
Grand prix national de la Création Industrielle, France (1988)
Platinum Circle Award, Chicago, Etats-Unis (1987)
Delta de Plaia, Barcelone, Espagne (1986)
Trois premiers prix au Neocon, Chicago, Etats-Unis (1986)
Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, France (1985)
Oscar du luminaire, France (1980)

Impression d’Ailleurs, avec Gilles Vanderpooten, ré-édition en poche, Editions de l’Aube (2014)
Impression d’Ailleurs, avec Gilles Vanderpooten, Editions de l’Aube (2012)

Bibliography and Videos
‘Will I Am 2 Starck’, Update Productions (2013)
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