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CASSINA : tradition & modernity
Volage EX-S

DRIADE : comfort & elegance

Lou Eat
Lou Think

GLAS ITALIA : solid transparency
Lady Hio

KARTELL : iconic & generic lines

Sir Gio

MAGIS : directive flexibilty

Ipanema with Starck
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 La marque brésilienne de chaussures Ipanema et le créateur de renommée internationale Philippe Starck ont dévoilé cet automne : Ipanema with STARCK, une collection Printemps – Eté 2016, au design minimal et organique, qui se décline en une variation de sandales modernes, élégantes et accessibles.

La collection Ipanema with STARCK propose 4 styles aux couleurs distinctes qui s’adaptent à toutes les envies de la femme moderne : nature, arty, glamour, sophisticated chic … Au total, 48 modèles composent la collection qui offre une vraie liberté de choix.

« La collection Ipanema with STARCK explore le territoire de l’élégance de l’intelligence et du minimum. Quand l’élégance est accessible pour quelques dollars ou euros, ce n’est plus de la magie, c’est un miracle moderne. » PH.S

La collection Ipanema with STARCK est disponible dès aujourd’hui en exclusivité dans de nombreux points de vente internationaux dont l’Alchemist à Miami, Colette à Paris et 10 Corso Como à Milan ; puis sera mise en vente dans le réseau de distribution Ipanema à partir de Janvier 2016.

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Gorenje by Starck, poetry and mental game in the kitchen world

Berlin, 4 September 2015 - At this year’s IFA fair, Philippe Starck and Gorenje, one of the leading European home appliances providers, unveiled their new collection of kitchen appliances Gorenje by Starck.

The line is a comprehensive range of ovens and microwave ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, drawers and décor panels, all entirely harmonized. Its minimalistic design with high-end reflective glass and stainless steel blends seamlessly into its environment, reflecting both user’s lifestyle and personality.
Carefully defined details and effects, together with the distinctive orange handles, introduce an extra spark of life into user’s kitchen. Behind the simple elegance of the design, cutting-edge technologies deliver high performances and unique energy efficiency.

With Gorenje by Starck, the challenge was to create something that is technologically impeccable and still has a cosy, warm and human feeling to it. The elegance of this collection lies in the discretion of its high quality and its minimalistic design.’’ PH.S

For more information : international.gorenje.com/products/lines/starck

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starck at the Salone Del Mobile 2015



Lighting Collection






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Wednesday, March 4th at the FLAM’EXPO trade show in Lyon, internationally renowned creator Philippe Starck and the French company SPEETA presented SPEETBOX BY S+ARCK, the first collection of customisable, environmentally-friendly heating furniture, patented for high performance.

SPEETBOX BY S+ARCK is an innovative energy solution. It is 100% renewable, compatible with the RT2012 regulation as well as the Low-Energy Building requirements.

"Mastering fire,
Mastering time,
Speeta has done it.
Modules that are neither too big nor too small, discreet with elegance but above all with intelligence.
Electronically-controlled fire.
Heat stored in stone, the stone you want.
An infinite set of cubes, large or small, around the fire module and the electronic module, a cube of pebbles, a cube of logs, a cube of books, a cube to sit on, white, black, silver, brick, different styles.
Limpid, self-evident, technological, Speeta.

SPEETBOX BY S+ARCK heating furniture revolves around an airtight wood stove, fitted with a steel hearth offering rated power of 5.5 kW, and two types of optional cubic modules - boxes - which, associated with the wood-burning stove, provide specific and additional features.

Customisation is therefore at the heart of SPEETBOX BY S+ARCK concept. Its flexibility allows each person to adjust the energy equipment in their home to their needs and desires. With almost endless possible combinations of the boxes around the wood-burning stove and the versatility of the modules, SPEETBOX BY S+ARCK is a unique, scalable and highly adaptable heating solution.

For more information: www.speeta.com

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Philippe Starck and Delsey reinvent the world of travel with S+ARCKTRIP

A unique collection with new ergonomics and innovative technological research. Lifetime warranty.

In October, creator Philippe Starck and French luggage specialist Delsey have unveiled a collection of 16 models : elegant and timeless, which ergonomics adapts itself to each use and each user.

The collection is the fruit of the encounter between Philippe Starck’s philosophy and design, the most high-tech innovations, the finest materials and the most stringent quality tests to allow S+ARCKTRIP to come with a global lifetime warranty.

« Travelling is good,
Travelling with intelligence is better,
Travelling with elegance is delicious,
Travelling with the elegance of intelligence is perfection.
High-tech, ergonomic, lightweight, reliable, timeless, visionary and innovative.
This is S+ARCKTRIP by Delsey,
Intelligence in motion.
» PhS

More information about S+ARCKTRIP on : http://www.delsey.com/default/home

Lame d'Eau
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Philippe Starck supports Danielle Mitterrand Foundation and creates the Lame d’Eau

In October at the restaurant Ma Cocotte near Paris, the Lame d’Eau has been unveiled –the fruit of collaboration between Danielle Mitterrand Foundation, creator Philipe Starck and design e-shop Made In Design.

After Feuille d’Eau, Lame d’Eau is a carafe which philosophy is shared by the « Porteurs d’Eau » (« water supporters ») through the impactful message : « Bien commun de l’humanité, l’eau n’a pas de prix » (« Common good of humanity, water is priceless »).

The collected funds from the sales of Lame d’Eau which is designed by Philippe Starck in close collaboration with Danielle Mitterrand and Made In Design will allow to finance the Foundation’s actions throughout the world.

« The Lame d’Eau is the medium of a message. Above all, I did not design an object but a water carrier in the aim of supporting what is the most important : the message » PhS

More information about the « Porteurs d’Eau », Founadation Danielle Mitterrand and its actions : www.france-libertes.org

Lame d’Eau carafe can be purchased on www.madeindesign.com and on the Foundation’s e-shop : www.france-libertes.org/spip.php?page=boutique

Philippe Starck, Frédéric Rouzaud, Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon
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Louis Roederer and Philippe Starck reveal their champagne Brut Nature 2006

  • Oct. 11, 2014
Tuesday, October 7th at 7pm at the New Museum in New York, Roederer and Philippe Starck unveiled their cuvée Brut Nature 2006.

The creator and the French champagne house presented their vintage non-dosed champagne in Paris on September 18th, 2014.

Born from the encounter between Philippe Starck and Frédéric Rouzaud, CEO of Louis Roederer, the Brut Nature vintage 2006 is the fruit of Louis Roederer’s exceptional terroir and their several centuries of prestigious expertise combined with Philippe Starck’s creative intuition.
Philippe Starck has worked with cellar master Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon to elaborate a wine which would transcribe their shared taste for intelligence, elegance and honesty.

I believe that with any project embarked upon, it is key to get to the heart of the matter, rather than skirt round the edges. If I had accepted to work only on the bottle’s exterior, I would not have achieved something truly authentic. So, for this cuvée, I decided to get involved in the winemaking process itself to ensure that the final bottle would be the fruit of an honest process and a comprehensive collaboration in every way; I knew that this would be the only way to achieve total coherence between the design and the contents. “ PhS.

For more information : www.louis-roederer.com/en

PARROT Zik 2.0
. 09

Parrot and s+arck unveil the Zik 2.0

Tuesday, September 23rd, Philippe Starck and Henri Seydoux, CEO of Parrot, unveiled the augmented version of their famous Zik headphones.

From the renewed collaboration between the creator and the ultra-technological brand was born Parrot Zik 2.0: lighter headphones, with more autonomy, more sensors and algorithms.

- and +.
Less and more.
The positive part of human production always tends toward the minimum, imitating nature. The less material, the more human.
Create less to have more.
This is the Zik 2.0.
Finer, rounder, more sensitive.
It becomes part of us, our sound and nothing else

For more information: www.parrot.com

TOG TAKE A SEAT @ Whitfields, London
. 10

TOG – All Creators TOGether – unveiled in European shops

« TOG – All Creators TOGether – is above all a political state, a philosophy that proposes to reunite the very best of two different worlds : industry's high technology and the human excellency of handicraft. TOG offers a new way to consider object, in order to make it interactive and participative, thanks ot an open creative platform that anyone can take over » PhS

TOG @ HEAL’S London
Since Friday, September 12th, the 1st collection from furniture brand TOG – All Creators TOGether – is exhibited at Heal’s showroom, 196 Tottenham Court Road, London.

In celebration of this exclusive collaboration, Heal’s has adorned its annual dinner in the colors of TOG brand. The Misa Joy chairs created by Philippe Starck, were prominently featured during the Designers’ Diner on Tuesday, September 16th.

On September 17th, a special event offers the public to discover TOG –All Creators TOGether – at Whitfields Gardens, London.

Learn more about the collaboation on : www.heals.co.uk et www.togtakeaseat.com

On Thursday, September 25th, the new and creative furniture brand TOG will be presented by furniture distributor RBC in Montpellier, France. From this date on, the brand will be available in the other showrooms of the region : Montpellier, Nîmes, Avignon and Lyon.

On Saturday, September 27th, between 2pm and 6pm, at the Montpellier showroom, the public can learn more about the TOG world through free and creative activities for both children an adults.

Learn more about this collaboration on : www.rbcmobilier.com

Since Monday, September 8th, the TOG collection is exhibited at SILVERA OUTDOOR showroom, Cité de la Mode et du Design, Quai d’Austerlitz, Paris.

On Wednesday, October 1st, SILVERA –in partnership with TOG – will organize a conference about participative design. This collaborative encounter will gather, along with TOG designers, creative personalities such as Vincent Darré (La Maison Darré) and Bertier Luyt (FabShop Director). Each participant will have a part in the conversation thanks to each other experience and relexion on the following question : Is everyone a creator ?

Learn more about this collaboration on : www.silvera.com

Join TOG community on : www.togallcreatorstogether.com

Philippe Starck @ 100% Design Fair, London
. 11

Philippe Starck and the Flexible Architecture collection, both guests of honour at 100% Design Fair in London in partnership with Wall Paper* magazine

 From September 17th to 20th, the ceramic tiles collection created by Philippe Starck for Italian factory Ceramica Sant’Agostino is being presented on Capitol designer Studio booth at the 100% Design Fair.

On September 17th at 11am, as the opening of 100% Design Fair, creator Philippe Starck and Tony Chambers, editor in chief of Wall Paper* magazine, have proposed a reflexion on intuition and both conscious and unconscious creative process.

« This is just the beginning of infinite potentials, of a new type of creativity with the hope of serving both architecture and architects » PhS

The Flexible Architecture collection is exhibited on Capitol Designer Studio booth E600, at 100% Design Fair, from September 17th to 20th (Earl’s Court London).

Further information on :
100% Design : www.100percentdesign.co.uk
Capitol Designers Studio : www.cdstiles.com
Flexible Architecture Ceramica Sant’Agostino : www.ceramicasantagostino.it/fr

M.A.S.S. Mud, Asphalt, Sand, Snow by S+ARCKBIKE with Moustache
. 12

M.A.S.S. by S+ARCKBIKE with Moustache at 2014 Eurobike Fair

Electric bikes M.A.S.S. – Mud, Asphalt, Sand, Snow- by S+ARCKBIKE with Moustache unveiled at the 2014 Eurobike Fair

  • August 27, 2014
 From August 27th to 30th, at the 2014 Eurobike Fair, manufacturer Moustache Bikes and designer Philippe Starck present M.A.S.S. –Mud, Asphalt, Sand, Snow- their electric bicycle collection.

M.A.S.S. – Mud, Asphalt, Sand, Snow- by S+ARCKBIKE is a revolution in the discovery of bike territories. The collection offers 4 intelligent concepts according to 4 distinct territories. Their dedicated technological specificities offer users the ultimate experience in absolute freedom of movement and great comfort.

A line of tailor-made accessories dedicated to each use and each model complements the elegance of the collection : S+ARCKBIKE glasses, the Causse For S+ARCKBIKE gloves and a backpack.

For the occasion, Californian leader in cycling head protection Giro Sport Design and Philippe Starck created the GIRO by S+ARCKBIKE helmet. They re-invented the cycling head protection with an eco-sensitive helmet with a cork liner and a lightweight aluminium shell that can be easily recycled.

« Cycling is one of man’s most powerful accessories. It offers almost endless possibilities with a minimum of material. The bicycle is on the path of dematerialization, which is a symptom of our civilization. Just like man over time has increased his physical potential, the bike has naturally acquired electric energy to better serve humanity » Ph.S

Discover the M.A.S.S. – Mud, Asphalt, Sand, Snow- collection at 2014 Eurobike Fair from August 27th to 30th (FG – 0107 booth, Freigelände Ost area).

Press releases and high-resolution images can be downloaded on :


Alain Juppé, maire de Bordeaux, et les 1ers utilisateurs du Pibal
. 13

The first 160 Pibal bikes come to Bordeaux

  • July 07, 2014
On Monday, July 7th at 5pm, the City of Bordeaux and its mayor Alain Juppé handed the first Pibal to Bordeaux’s residents - 20 of 160 first users received a scooter-like bike in the courtyard of the Hotel de Ville.
To select the first 160 urban cyclists to enjoy a Pibal, the City of Bordeaux has organized an online lottery competition, to which more than 700 people took part.

Since January 2012, Bordeaux inhabitants are invited to join in the development of this urban revolutionary ergonomy bike, designed by Starck and manufactured by Peugeot for the city of Bordeaux.

In November 2013, the pre-series appeared in the city, enabling Bordeaux’s residents to discover and test the Pibal.

Soon, the Pibal bikes will replace the entire 4000 classic bikes that the City of Bordeaux has been provided free of charge for almost 15 years.

For further information : www.bordeaux.fr

Philippe Starck au Salon International du Meuble de Milan 2014
. 14

What’s up with Philippe Starck at the Milan International Furniture Fair 2014 ?

Follow Philippe Starck throughout the International Milan Furniture Fair to discover his new creations.

Axor Starck V

Les Esprits

Broom Tabouret

Uncle Jack
Uncle Jim
The Lake
Ding Dong By Philippe Starck With Ambroise Maggiar
Time Less By Philippe Starck With Jonathan Bui Quang Da

Big Will
Calippo By Philippe Starck With Ambroise Maggiar


Flexible Architecture – Wall Collection

Alfie funghi
Anton Ho
Diki Lessi
Ema sao
Joa Sekoya
Jono Pek
Light Rock
Misa Joy
Oka Chic
San Jon

MEET THE TOG CREATORS: Maggiar, Starck, Bergne, Rapetti, Hecht&Colin, Sugasawa, Bui Quang Da
. 15

The birth of TOG

  • April 07, 2014
 On April 7th, during the Milan Salone del Mobile a new design player comes to life.

TOG – AllCreatorsTOGether - is an innovative furniture brand which the main shareholder is the Grendene Brazilian industrial group.
TOG is a creative and collaborative community, combining the best of industry with its highest technology and the best of humanity thanks to art and craftsmanship.
TOG – AllCreatorsTogether – believes in the idea that anyone can be a creator. Its unique concept is both industrial and hand-crafted, traditional and innovative, irreverent but yet respectful.
TOG’s ambition is to gather dream and reality and already gathers 21 families of products, created by the first team of designers to be part of the community : Sebastian Bergne, Jonathan Bui Quang Da, Sam Hech+Kim Colin, Ambroise Maggiar, Nicola Rapetti, Dai Sugasawa et Philippe Starck.

Find out about the TOG community on : www.togallcreatorstogether.com
Free application on the App Sore and Android : TOG

. 16

Ideas Box launch at the New York Public Library

 On Tuesday, Ideas Box is officially revealed at the New York Public Library where it will remain exhibited for two weeks. 

400 people have discovered the cultural and innovative boxes during the event organized by the Open Society Foundation in order to support this innovative project. 

About 45 million children, women and men refugiees around the world have no access to information, education or communication and therefore can't look to the future or make a fresh start. That's why Philippe Starck, along with the Refugees High Authority and LWB have developed a unique concept of multimedia libraries in kit form for people in a humanitarian crisis situation. Ideas Box is a major innovation for access to culture and information in crisis situations.

The first Ideas Boxes were delivered in Burundi and Syria.

"Above all, this project's essence is about dreaming. This dream is particularly important when one loses everything. When you lose everything you had, the only thing you cannot be deprived from is dreaming" PhS


Bacacier By Starck
. 17

Bacacier and Philippe Starck reinvent steel building

At the MAPIC, Philippe Starck and Bacacier, a French company specialized in facade covering for industrial buildings, have presented their collection Bacacier By Starck 3S.

This innovative concept reinvents the traditional metal sheet cladding, used by most industrial buildings and shopping centers.

"The new Bacacier cladding offers an infinite set of construction... By varying imprints, patterns, materials, and colours, we have created a Meccano-type building system that will become an amazing tool for architects". Ph. S

For further information about the Bacacier 3S collection : www.bacacier3s.com.

« Le nouveau bardage Bacacier est un jeu de construction infini… En variant les empreintes, les reliefs, les matières, les couleurs, on a fabriqué un Meccano qui sera un outil extraordinaire pour les architectes ». Ph. S

Pour en savoir plus sur la collection Bacacier 3S : www.bacacier3s.com

Photograph by Masaki Okumura
. 18

The Netatmo By Starck Thermostat awarded at the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards 2014

The Thermostat for smartphone was recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) for its excellence in technology and design at CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards.

For further readings on the CES Awards : cesweb.org/Events-Awards/Innovations
For more information on the Thermostat : www.netatmo.com

Lancement des pré-séries Pibal à la Mairie de Bordeaux
. 19

Arrival of the 20 first Pibal bikes in Bordeaux, France

  • Nov. 08, 2013
This November 8th, Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux and Philippe Starck present the Pibal pre-series.
The first 20 copies of this scooter-like bike, created by Philippe Starck based on relevant suggestions of Bordeaux inhabitants and manufactured by Peugeot, will be distributed to 20 citizens who become, for the occasion, volunteer testers.

“It is from the analysis of the many suggestions from Bordeaux inhabitants, various suggestions, constructive and intelligent, and from the specificity of Bordeaux that was born this new means of locomotion. This revolutionary ergonomics seems to be an innovative and fair response to new urban problematics, especially for pedestrians areas”.

ideas box
. 20

Libraries Without Borders and Philippe Starck develop Ideas Box : multimedia libraries in kit form for the refugees popoulations

  • Oct. 11, 2013
 About 45 million children, women and men refugees around the world have no access to information, education or communication and therefore can't look to the future or make a fresh start.
That's why Philippe Starck, along with the Refugees High Authority and LWB - which promotes access to information and culture - have developed a unique concept of multimedia libraries in kit form for people in a humanitarian crisis situation. The multimedia libraries aiming both children and adults shall be available in 2014 in Burundi and Syria. Their content : a satellite internet connection, Pad computers, electronic and paper books and an itinerant cinema. Standardized, easily movable, deployable in the field, energetically self-sufficient, easy to use and solid, Ideas Box is a major innovation for access to culture and information in crisis situations.

"Above all, this project's essence is about dreaming. This dream is particularly important whan one loses everything. When you lose everyhting you had, the only thing you cannot be deprived from is dreaming" Ph. Starck

"Rope" MyWorld, Cassina
. 21

Philippe Starck projects “MyWorld” in a parallel world

For the D-DAYS 2013, Philippe Starck has entrusted the highlighting of the new sofa MyWorld (Cassina) to the talented sound designer Stephan Crasneanscki. In this way it becomes the hero of transgressive installation and video.
Dialogue between the object and its fantasy.

”MyWorld is a cocoon, a nest, a world, where we can be egocentric and comfortably commune with our own shadow or collect some snatches of news from the so called real world”. Ph S.

“MyWorld makes me want to play with transgression, the tradition and the mixture of genres. I wanted to complete it by adding an electronic composition, inspired by our new collaboration with the Berghain club, in Berlin. The sofa turns into a theatre where the various states bump into one another: suspension, presence, comfort, sensuality… The sofa becomes the silent and elegant witness of our dreams…” Stephan Crasneanscki.

Milan 2013
. 22

Philippe Starck new creations at the Milan Furniture Fair 2013

Though 7 editors and manufactures, Philippe Starck unveils his new creations :

Baccarat :

Zenith sur la lagune

Zenith le samedi


Personne à la fenêtre

Harcout Marie Louise

Cassina :


Dedon :


Flos :

A4 light


Kiki le cube

Kartell :

Collection Tantes et Oncles


Magis :


Big Will 

Chien Savant 

Sant’Agostino :

Flexible Architecture

. 23

Presentation of "THE PIBAL", a bicycle-scooter for the citizens of Bordeaux

  • Febr. 19, 2013
On the initiative of the city of Bordeaux, one of the biggest european bicycle city, Philippe Starck designed "THE PIBAL, the draft of the urban ideal bicycle, produced by the manufacturer Peugeot. He was inspired by inputs of few hundreds of citizens of Bordeaux, thanks to an online survey organized by the city of Bordeaux.

The prototype has been presented by Philippe Starck during a press conference in the presence of Bordeaux Major, Alain Juppé.

300 bicycles will be delivered in june and loaned for free to the citizens of Bordeaux thanks to la Maison du vélo.

Philippe Starck has been involved for a long times in mobility and ecological issues, anticipating the global mutations of our contemporary world.

"Just as the pibale, undulating and playing with the flow, Pibal is an answer to new urban ergonomics, thanks to a lateral translation which allows oneself to pedal long distances, to scoot in pedestrian areas and to walk next to it, carring a child or any load on its platform. It only has the beauty of its intelligence, of its honesty, of its durabiliity. Rustic and reliable, it’s a new friend dedicated to the future Bordeaux expectations.» Ph.Starck.

. 24

Philippe Starck designed the new Alain Ducasse IDAM restaurant in the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha.

  • Febr. 2013
IDAM sits regally above the grand entrance of the Museum of Islamic Art - a fitting location for inspired cuisine.

Starck has taken special care to create a spectacular, elegant interior that maintains a balance between modernity and classicism.

“The MIA is one of the most spectacular architecture in the world, which deserves to home the most beautiful collection of Arab culture. A museum is before everything a mental construction, it is purely cultural. My goal is to bring us, to bring life, to bring daily life through the ceremony of eating with family and friends and succeed in a sophisticated and mixed cocktail of culture and life”. Ph.Starck

blade runner
. 25

The new hard drive Lacie Blade Runner by Starck

The new hard drive Lacie Blade Runner by Starck was unveiled at CES, the great mass of electronics in Las Vegas.

The Blade Runner is like a pandora’s box with sharp exterior lines with soft, human-like interior curves to create a metaphor of a cyber future.

Protected by sturdy aluminum, the LaCie BladeRunner offers the most resistant and stylistic choice for a consumer hard drive on the market

“In the BladeRunner, the warm interior electronics are encased in a mysterious shell, and the blades are the radiator that cools it down. The suspension gives space for air to circulate around the hard drive and the monolithic material increases the temperature conduction.” Ph.S

10th anniversary
. 26

1O years anniversary of the Louis Ghost chair, Kartell

On October 3rd, Philippe Starck celebrate, in Milano, the anniversary of the Louis Ghost chair, launched in 2002.

This absolute sales success makes this design chair the most widely sold in the world with over 1.5 million pieces.

« The universal success of the Louis Ghost chair does not only come from its design but from the occidental collective memory. The Louis Ghost chair was produced by our collective subconscious and it is only the natural result of our past, our present and our future »

watch the video

ceramica Sant'Agostino
. 27

"Flexible Architecture" Ceramica Sant'Agostino by Starck

Starck teamed with the Italian factory Ceramica Sant'Agostino for his first collaboration in ceramics.

Because modernity is in longevity and nothing is more durable than a ceramic piece, Starck invented a complete new way of using ceramic tiles, with great flexibility, through his Flexible Architecture collection.

Through this project it’s the designer, the interior designer and the architect at the same time, who can developed numerous combinations.

“Flexible Architecture collection gives up the 2 dimensions to the profit of the 3 dimensions in order to offer infinity of new dimensions and possibilities. The tile is no more decoration, it becomes part of the architecture” Ph.S

Watch video

Axor Starck Organic
. 28

"Axor Starck Organic" the elegance of life

After more than 20 years of collaboration, Philippe Grohe and Philippe Starck presented their latest creation in Berlin.

Human and vegetal curves are sources of inspiration for this new product with smart features, even revolutionary.
This Faucet, with its two positions for the spray (economy and boost) extols a efficient and ecological use of water.
It is an incarnation of this concept dear to the designer : "elegance of minimum, elegance of intelligence ».

“New intuition came to me, even more a question : where is the life? Where is the energy of life? I start to work on a different angle of view with the same subject of minimum”

ZIK Parrot
. 29

Parrot ZIk by Starck

The Parrot ZIk headphones result the collaboration between Philippe Starck and Parrot the bluetooth world leader finally arrives in France.
Launched in Las Vegas last January at CES - the great mass of electronics - the Parrot ZIk has already won three prizes.
It will be marketed from July 2012 at Colette shop, FNAC, specialist HIFI stores and www.parrot.com     

"Despite a simple and humble appearance, it is certainly one of the most successful products in the intuitive ergonomics.
Designed to be a simple extension of the human body, the Parrot ZIk is almost a "disappeared product".
You have here the prototype of what shall be the objects of the future: so much less, but a result much more powerful and intelligent”

. 30

The laboratory presents the WA|HH exhibition by STARCK + EDWARDS

  • May 09, 2012
Originally from experience: an encounter. Philippe Starck, and David Edwards, founder of the Laboratory, Professor at Harvard University and inventor of the kitchen air. Their common point: the invention and exploration every day.

From this encounter is born WA | HH Quantum Sensations, a spray that
is consumed in direct sprays in the mouth or on food.

This small object explores the new territory of the aerosol infinite food, the exponential relationship between trace amounts ingested, taste and effect felt.

To discover and test at the laboratory (Paris) from May 4 to July 22, 2012.

“What happens with the WA|HH? I take my WA|HH and with a single spray I feel a touch of euphoria thanks to an infinitesimal dose, a thousand times less than a glass of alcohol. The WA|HH is a modern and intelligent alternative aligned with our own evolution, as one of the clear signs of part of the intelligent human production
is dematerialization”. Ph.S

Salon du meuble Milan 2012
. 31

Philippe Starck at the milan furniture fair 2012

Though 6 editors, Philippe Starck unveils his new creations:

Magis :

S.S.S.S (Sweet Stainless Steel Stool): "Miracles are still possible. When we designed S.S.S.S. and the Magis family said they shall produce it in stainless steel, I thought: impossible. They are magicians, and they did it. Unique and incredible"

Zartan : "Before, Robbin Wood and Zartan were in the same forest with the same wood. Now Zartan goes through the fields and brings back some linen"

Driade :

Lou Read : “Minimum prolongation of the body, An organic chair support of the spirit”
"Sometimes, when Lou Read, Laurie Sings"

Kartell :

Finally Alone : "Finally Alone, Almost Alone, Never Alone, When the Archimed law rings the luxious magic of science on your table"

Archives : "Some people put archives in the cold darkness of a basement. Us, we show it in the light, out of gravity and it becomes your own artwork. So simple"

Ice : "When some pieces of pure nothing becomes helpful art. Play with"

Abbracciaio : "With Abbracciaio, even candle holders are in love"

Emeco :

Broom Chair : ““The elegance of the minimum comes from the intelligence of the nothing. Mies Van der Rohe said 'less is more'. Okay it is right, but why choose? With this chair we can say "less and more." Because we choose to make less - less style, less design, less material, less energy and finally we have more.”

“There is a humble guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop and with this dust of nothing, with this he makes new magic. That's why we call it Broom."

Dedon : 

Play Dining : The latest creation of Collection Play with Dedon by Philippe Starck , a table in very pure materials such as bamboo or porcelain.

Baccarat : 

Launched in 2012 in Milan, the new furniture collection CRYSTAL DREAM revisits the luxury of sassy black crystal through two new creations, signed by Philippe Starck: Crystal Supper Black table console and the Small Crystal Supper Black. Two creations contrast and paradox of the light diffracted by the crystal clear in the dark luster of onyx.

. 32


Less and more : two words to describe this unidentified rolling object, designed by Starck and conceived by Volteis, a French brand whose philosophy and know-how pleased the designer.

Clearly, the V+ is an alternative, a first test to provide a light response, desirable, minimal for those looking to move correctly, differently.

“I wanted to offer an alternative. A different answer to return to the minimalist definition of a vehicle. A simple vehicle. Almost a child’s play. With 4 wheels. A steering wheel. And electricity. A vehicle just here to transport. Transport us and our business. Almost nothing.

To have more. More humanity. More respect. More choices to show that we care about our environment.” Ph.S

Crédit Photo : Cathal Loughnane
. 33

For the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, the electric vehicle V+ by Starck will be presented.

March 5 will be unveiled the new electric car designed by Starck and conceived by Volteis.

Unidentified rolling object, this car is an alternative for those looking to move correctly and differently.

“All the intelligence I love. Intelligence that combines the accuracy of the materials, technique, engineering, efficiency. And also a little service to the community”. Ph.S

Velo Bordeaux
. 34


  • Febr. 10, 2012
During the second annual edition of Cyclab, Philippe Starck presented the final rendering of the “ideal city bike” with Alain Juppé, the Mayor of Bordeaux.

The new bike-scooters will revitalize the bike park and enhance the mobility of the local inhabitant, thanks to a new ergonomic design to be produced by Peugeot for an urban environment. The bikes will available on loan to the inhabitants of Bordeaux.

“ This idea for a new means of locomotion sprang from the analysis of much feedback from the citizens of Bordeaux, diverse opinions, constructive and intelligent ideas and the specificities of Bordeaux. This revolutionary solution seems to be the inventive and appropriate response to questions being asked regarding pedestrian areas”.

. 35

Invited by STIF (Transport Union of Ile-de-France), Philippe Starck graciously revisits the future Navigo card

  • Jan. 25, 2012
From the first January 2013 on, more than 6 million users will have a new design for their Navigo pass.

Starck has dedicated his talent to offer Parisians a functional and elegant card that can be sustainable, in parma and silver.

"My goal was to ennoble this daily and special card so that Parisians become proud of owning one and also aware of the value of public transportation as a common good". Ph. S.

. 36

The Masters Chair, a best seller

  • Jan. 25, 2012
The Masters chair designed by Philippe Starck has already been sold at 100 000 copies into the world, in just six months, from July to December 2011.

The chair is a success and one of the best sales of Kartell.

The Masters is a tribute to the creator for three design icons : the "Series 7" by Arne Jacobsen, the "Tulip Armchair" by Eero Saarinen and the "Eiffel Chair" by Charles Eames, has already received the prestigious american “Good Design Award’

LOG Laguiole
. 37

For the 25 years of The Forge de Laguiole, the LOG knife by S+ARCK was unveiled at Maison & Objet.

First in a series of four models by Starck, LOG is a monobloc piece that reiterates this ethic of simplicity, an important principle for the creator : “tomorrow will be less”.

The LOG has a stamped steel handle cold, like a mineral that the blade root crack or tear appears naturally.

Zik Parrot
. 38

The new headphone ZIK Parrot by Starck was unveiled at Las Vegas (january 10th, 2012)

The new headphone ZIK Parrot by Starck was unveiled at CES, the great mass of electronics in Las Vegas where Zik won three awards :

Product of the Future, Popular Science
Best of CES, Tom’s hardware & Tom’s Guide
CES Hot Stuff Awards, Stuff Magazine

« This is certainly a product, despite a relatively simple and humble appearance, the most successful in the intuitive ergonomics. The headphone is totally balanced to be a disappeared product, as an extension of the human body and its needs” Ph. S.

. 39

City of Bordeaux invited Philippe Starck to design the bicycle of the future.

  • Dec. 2011
Indeed, people from Bordeaux are answering to an online questionnaire in order to define their ideal bicycle. Their response will inspire Philippe Starck to draw, without charge, the bicycle of the future.

The final design will be presented on February 10, in the presence of Alain Juppé at the Cyclab, thinking event which aims to reflect on the future of cycling and its use.

The “Bordeaux bicycle” is once more an illustration of Starck’s commitment to “democratic ecology”, a revolutionary concept which he has developed and whose goal is to create objects accessible to everyone, affordable and innovative.

“My interest in the environment has neither beginning nor end; it’s a state of mind” Ph.S

Masters Chairs
. 40

The Masters chair is celebrated in Brazil, Sao Paulo November 16 2011

Philippe Starck and Kartell President, Claudio Luti, presented the Masters chair in the Sao Paulo flagship store.
The Masters is a powerful tribute to the three chair-symbols, re-read and re-interpreted by Starck.
The "Series 7" by Arne Jacobsen, the "Tulip Armchair" by Eero Saarinen and the "Eiffel Chair" by Charles Eames interweave their unmistakable silhouettes into a sinuous hybrid giving life to a fusion of original and engaging styles.
Philippe Starck: “Sadly and luckily design has become fashionable. Luckily since it generates many good projects, sadly because it also generates many bad projects. Today the work stems more in recognizing, selecting the good from the bad, and to do so a minimum of cultural knowledge is more than necessary. Therefore, the Masters chair, born from the intertwining of 3 icons reminds us of the high times of design, of the great designers and may develop the envy to continue to discover quality for the next design purchase, if they are necessary ».
During an intimate press conference, Starck shared his vision on design, creativity and humanity: “My course of action is to take more and more distance from design as a new fashion vehicle and focus on positive timelessness of pure creativity, vision and high technology”.


Philippe Starck et Serge Crasnianski
. 41


Philippe Starck presented the “Photo-Me by S+ARCK” photobooth at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Resulting from the collaboration between the French creator and Photo-Me Group, the “Photo-Me by Starck” sets a new style and symbolises the classic and timeless elegance.

As usual, Starck brought to light his innovative vision at the service of technology with a pure and essential design that also includes a glowing and welcoming orange seat developed with the highest technology.

“It is an honor for me to work on such a project as this cabin has always been following us throughout our life, it is like a grand-mother watching over us permanently from the photo for our 1st ID, to the bus school pass or our 1st passport.
It is also, for quite cheap, one of the 1st vehicle of expression, in total privacy.
Photo-Me cabin has been finally witnessing each important step of our life”. Ph. S.

Kartell Loves Milano
. 42


 Philippe Starck realized a unique piece from the Louis Ghost chair for the project “Kartell loves Milano” in honor of the city of Milan and the legendary Scala.

45 different pieces were auctioned by Sotheby’s on October 25 in Milan.

All proceeds will go to Umberto Veronesi Foundation, foundation for medical research.

Kawasaki W800
. 43

Philippe Starck redesigns the Kawasaki W800 dirt-track

  • Sept. 12, 2011
Philippe Starck redesigned the Kawasaki W800 with the help of Design Boxer, the following specifications in mind: to create a motorcycle inspired by Dirt Track, (a famous sport in the United States) which is simple, functional and elegant.

" A good motorcycle, it's the minimum: an engine, a reservoir, two wheels. Many manufacturers aim for more, we have chosen to go down the path of less is more " Ph. S.

Elise by Starck
. 44

Philippe Starck supports the professional solution ELISE

Philippe Starck pursues his ecological fight to protect the environment and call companies to relieve by integrating "ELISE" in offices. Philippe Starck redrew the basket Elise and looked for a sustainable and ecological material. It is the company Roquette in Lille which conceived this vegetal plastic from foodstuffs which cannot be used for the food.

" The ecology does not have to be a punishment, that is why I drew an object, which I hope for it, is desirable and so timeless. The drawing expresses the idea of the intrinsic beauty of the waste and already creased, pre-aged which insures a longevity of the life expectancy of the object. The basket is rather ideal, it lasts stylistically, materially and returns a real service. To save our planet, to change our societies and make them more united, initiatives are needed, large-scale actions; companies can make possible these major mooses for the future of our children ". Philippe Starck.

Please click here to watch the video.

Ply with Dedon
. 45

Launching the new collection Plays by Starck with Eugeni Quittlet In Munich, with Vogue

On the 25th of May, 2011, Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quittlet were the guest of the Vogue and Dedon’s Event in Munich, for the presentation of the new collection, Play with Dedon.

“Play is always important. First because the difference between animals and us is the intelligence, and the most beautiful symptom of intelligence is play.”

Logo: International Furniture Fair in Milan
. 46

Philippe Starck presents his new projects at the Milan furniture fair

Philippe Starck went to the International Furniture Fair in Milan to reveal several of his new creations, also signed in collaboration with Eugeni Quitllet.

At Driade
"At a time when television makes you stupid and the Internet makes you schizophrenic, it is worth recalling the virtues of reading and conversation. Lu Read was created for this purpose for the rooms of the Royal Monceau hotel where I had long ago met Lou Reed, who had read his poems to me and which we conversed. Lou Read and we come to a full circle." Ph.S

At Magis
"Fully organic, the first in the world with Zartan, a wooden structure injected bound with a natural glue and the use of 4 materials: hemp, flax, jute and bamboo. A first world wide, that should trigger vocations.” Ph. S

At Kartell
"Miss Less, through its non-radical design, wanted and fully finished is an allegory of the impasse in which design is used as a fashion tool; in the face of the major issues, current and future that require a political and activist design." Ph. S
Please click here to watch the video.

At Flos
"NET, a desk lamp that encompasses the elegance of the minimum and that integrates naturally the Ipad as final key touch to all our needs." Ph. S

At Baccarat
"Marie-Coquine: a DADA fantasy, a surrealist dream, the elegance of a gesture, a crystalline poem, in which underneath her light allure, hides the possibility of moving bubble of light, warmth and tenderness for those who lost the wealth at the bottom of their castle." Ph. S

SensoWash, Duravit
. 47

Launching SensoWash in New York

Philippe Starck was invited to New York on April 7th 2011 to announce the launch of he new creation, SensoWash, Duravit by Starck.

“SensoWash, he who is so charming, washes you, brushes you, cleans you, and dries you. We are always working on refining and refining. This is more magical than anything because, if you use it you will discover that it is a lot more than a toilet seat… it’s a drug. The ultimate drug on the market, you will want to stay the whole day on toilet seat.” Ph. S

. 48

Launching S+ARCK BY WARENDORF in Moscow

“With S+ARCK BY WARENDORF, we have rediscovered the essence, the origin, the primal function; we have rediscovered humanity.
We have rediscovered the content we had scattered to the winds of life.
We have kept only the fundamental parts. Taking each one separately, we have made them the best they can be so that they can become part of the multi-purpose, miscellaneous living spaces that are our lounges, dining rooms and kitchens today.” Ph. S

Philippe Starck reinvents the kitchen concept in 4 different styles: Duality, Library, Primery and the Tower. “A home is love, love is fire, fire is the focus of the home” Ph. S

. 49

Photomaton by Starck at the Kahn Galery

The Kahn Gallery celebrates its 2011 photography edition of ArtParis with the photo-booth “Photomaton” reinvented by Phlippe Starck. For the 75th anniversary of the famous photo-booths, Philippe Starck gave it a new life, both on the aesthetically and functionally side.

"Our life in Photomaton.
Petit, joker, big, inlove, soldier, traveler, mother ...
Vitalized, passed through the port, inserted identity, authorized to stay, driving tests ...
What would we be without this national heritage?
Would we have problems of identity?
So everyday, we forgot.
Today, just dressed up in a new quality and a discreet elegance of intelligence, our good Photomaton is still and always there to ensure the identity of our lives. "Ph.S

The Gallery Kahn invited: Jacques Bosser, Joël Ducorroy, Ben Vautier and many others to exhibit their work from the 31st of March to 3rd of April 2011.

Kahn Gallery
Two addresses:
258 rue Marcadet, Paris 18e.
13 route de la Mouillebarbe,
Ars-en-Ré (Ile de Ré).

B Awards Design Festival
. 50

Philippe Starck and B Awards Design Festival, Bilbao, Spain

  • March 23, 2011
Bilbao Bizkaia B Awards Design Festival, invited Philippe Starck to be apart of the jury, and this enriching creative experience. The B Awards is an invitational design festival where students from the best universities around the world will be taking part in this creativity exchange. Basque and International designers will be sharing their projects with in the five categories: Habitat, Product, Public Spaces, Visual Communication and Transport & Mobility.

The jury is composed of: Philippe Starck, David Van Der Leer- Wallpaper editor in chief, Tony Chambers, Alvin Yip- Ambassadors de Design, Toshiko Mori- Architect and Professeur at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Josu Rekalde- a ‘Basque’ artist.The day after the awards ceremony Philippe Starck gave a lecture to an audience of 500 people including students, architects and press on his vision of design and its ethical future directions

For more information on the B Awards, please visit website: http://www.bawardsfestival.com

ISH Fair, Duravit Design Days 2011
. 51

ISH Fair « Duravit Design Days 2011 With Starck»

For the ISH Fair in Frankfurt, Philippe Starck participated at the lauching of his new products during the Duravit Design Days, from 15th to the 19th of March 2011 in front of the International Press and retailers of the brands, who discovered the New Steam Shower “St’Trop” and the New SensoWash.

« This year we refine revolution, refining is the essence of Duravit. Duravit products are high quality, therefore we rethink the shower collection, to make it better and better. Becuase the quality in itself is a style; and the style of tomorrow is durability, longevity, transition and heritage. Now we buy, for our life, the life of our daughter and granddaughter; that is why we work with Duravit, the magic of infinity.” Ph.S

To watch the conference please click here

Jeu de Dames en Noir
. 52

Ara and Philippe Starck comme together for « Jeu de Dames en Noir »

Ara and Philippe Starck renew the experience of a collaboration between father and daughter for Baccarat, creating a box “Jeu de Dames en Noir” brings together four black and white champagne flutes, imperially set up on a pedestal covered with silk printed after a drawing by Ara Starck. The complicity between the creator and renowned artist work naturally together. With their imagination put together, the collection "Jeu de Dames en Noir" revisits the myth of the chess game in the form of allegory.

"Women, ladies, voices, ages, but a common story. They smile, laugh, reminisce these moments, these clouds, these reflections, as sacred whispers ... " Ara Starck

Salon du Nautic
. 53

International Boat Fair of Paris, Hobicat et Tofinou by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck exhibits at the International Boat Fair of Paris, “Nautic” his vision of sport-catamaran, the ‘Hobie Cat H +’, and the ‘Tofinou’ sail boat.

The H + offers a boat with features, consistent with its brand value, which are devised "so that people will be happy." Creative fervor, Hobie Cat + explores the elegance of the minimum, the elegance of intelligence. “Explore with creativity and passion, the elegance of the minimum, the elegance of intelligence, path traced by the unique genius of Hobie Alter” Ph.S

The Tofinou takes the best of both worlds: classicism and technology, an extremely seductive cocktail. In the detail, it shows that times are changing. Returning to the essence of the subject, to the core. A boat that you buy for life, that you buy for your son, for your grand children…

« A Tofinou doesn’t exist.
It's just a dream, an evocation, a breeze, a sigh of happiness.
So little materiality, so elegant.
The perfect quality and timelessness of Tofinou born within the natural intelligence of the relationship between the sea and man.
A dream. " Ph.S

Please click here to watch the video.

Photomaton by Starck à La Galerie Kahn
. 54

Launching the photomaton redesigned by philippe starck

The “Photomaton” group called for Philippe Starck to wake the 75 year old beauty.

Result of close collaboration between Philippe Starck and branding, « Photomaton » offers a new youth both aesthetically and functionally. A timeless design, sleek lines and elegant, sober colors and chic... "new generation " style breaks its traditional codes.

"Our life in Photomaton.
Petit, joker, big, inlove, soldier, traveler, mother ...
Vitalized, passed through the port, inserted identity, authorized to stay, driving tests ...
What would we be without this national heritage?
Would we have problems of identity?
So everyday, we forgot.
Today, just dressed up in a new quality and a discreet elegance of intelligence, our good Photomaton is still and always there to ensure the identity of our lives. " Ph.S

. 55

The Freebox Revolution V6 Launch

Free unveiled its new ‘Freebox Revolution’ designed by Philippe Starck. The innovation consists of both the Freebox Player and Server. The ‘ FreeBox Revolution’ weaves its web in the digital home by offering a NAS drive, a Blu-Ray, a game pad and even a Freestore to download games and applications.

"This is the first time I make a box for the house. A box that produces ideas, information, and exchanges. It was therefore essential that the box itself be about words that are also producers of fertile surprises, visions, transgression, of all humanity and richness of life. It is revolutionary because we can do anything and everything with it. We end up realizing that boxes such as the Free do not have limitations, only those set by ourselves. Only our imagination stops the limit of what can be done with it. That is why it is revolutionary. Without limit there is no control. Power to the people is now available thanks to Free. Its name does it justice." Ph.S

Please click here to watch the video.

Nina Ricci - L'air du temps by Starck
. 56

A New Bottle for Nina Ricci : l'Air du Temps by Starck

The Encounter between l'Air du Temps and Philippe Starck… Is obvious, almost as if one recognizes the other. For, if Philippe Starck has never worked with the production of perfume before, it seems as if he’s worn l'Air du Temps for ever. This feminine piece transports us to a world of creativity, analytics and some times even poetry. L'Air du Temps can be interpreted as the intelligence of air… Like a vibration that makes it visible and connected to us.
“I do not like the old perfumes, I do not like the new perfumes, I like the eternal perfumes. And Air du Temps is one. There is always in my work, that I succeed or not, a profound will of timelessness.” Ph. S.

Please click here to watch the video.

Hobie Cat+ by STARCK
. 57

Launching Hobie Cat+ by STARCK

Simple, Practical, Secure and Playfull
“Explore with creativity and passion, the elegance of the minimum, the elegance of intelligence, path traced by the unique genius of Hobie Alter” Ph.S
The Hobie Cat+ was created by the encounter between Philippe Starck and a business who has mastered the know-how; the Founder's Hobie ALTER. It offers a boat with features, consistent with its brand value, which are devised "so that people will be happy." Creative fervor, Hobie Cat + explores the elegance of the minimum, the elegance of intelligence. New design solutions and industry to deliver more while costing less.

Briccole di Venezia
. 58

A Slice of « Briccole », A Slice of Venice

For the exhibition "Tra le Briccole di Venezia"("Through the Docking Posts of Venice ") organized by Riva 1920, Philippe Starck transforms the "Briccole” of Venice, worn-down by the tides, in wooden plates.

“I’ve lived in Burano, these last 25 years.
Venice is far away,
The fog on the lagoon is thick, menacing, endless.
In it you are lost for ever.
But the Briccole are there.
By day they are noble.
At night indispensable.
In the fog they are essential.
Everything about the Briccole has a noble elegance.
Even and above all the wood, which now, humbly, ends its splendid life in our homes, in our hearts.
Your friend whose heart is in Burano.” Ph. S

Exhibition - Arsenale Nord of Venice
26 August - 26 September 2010

Feuille d'Eau
. 59

Launching the « Feuille d'Eau » for the « Porteurs d'Eau » Campagne

Philippe Starck designs the Feuille d'Eau for all the people who signed The charter of the Porteurs d’eau, for the The France Libertés Foundation presided over by Danielle Mitterrand:
1) Water is not merchandise; water is a common good not only for humanity but for living.
2) To insure sufficient resources for future generations, it is our job to restore the water to its original pure state.
3) Access to water is a fundamental human right, which can only be guarantied by public, democratic and transparent governance, inscribed by the law.

“I love Danielle Mitterand. I love water. I love us and our indispensable future” Ph. S.

For more information, please visit the foundation website.

Salon International du Mobilier Milan 2010
. 60

Philippe Starck at the International Furniture Fair at Milan 2010

This year, Philippe Starck introduced several new projects : The Play with Dedon outside furniture Collection, the Pipe witout armrest for Driade, different finishing for the armrest of the Mi Ming chair for Xo, and also a chest and night table for the Ghost Buster collection for Kartell, and Masters chair, Magic Hole and Super impossible.

To watch the video "Play with Dedon", please click here.

Milan 2009
. 61

Philippe Starck at the International Milan Furniture Fair 2009

Philippe Starck participated at the Milan Furniture Fair in April 2009 by presenting several new designs:

At Kartell: “For years I kept looking for a good chest of drawers and a good night table for myself. I could never find them. To console myself, I did for Ghost Buster an evocation of one and called up the spirit of all those chests of drawers that may have existed and that I never ran across. Something minimum, an invisibility which is nevertheless very necessary in our humble daily life.” Ph. S.

At Driade: “Out / In, a collection so sleek, so smooth, so minimized, that it seems to have been washed by rain for which it is intended". Ph. S.

At Alias: “Life is an impossible carried out. Better perpetuate it. For this , we have to love life, to love ourselves at least 15 minutes per day. At home. At work. A few exercises and a good position, elegant obviously.” Ph. S.