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Baby Our Fire

Photophore - Harcourt collection

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juicy salif - 25th anniversary

JUICY SALIF, the most controversial lemon-squeezer of the twentieth century, is a topic of conversation as much as a revealer of ourselves and of our imagination. And also, it presses lemons.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this iconic object, Alessi has edited two exclusive versions of the Juicy Salif.

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"With Abbracciaio, even candle holders are in love" Philippe Starck

Jeu de Dames
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Jeu de Dames en Noir

Ara and Philippe Starck renew the experience of a collaboration between father and daughter for Baccarat, creating a box “Jeu de Dames en Noir” brings together four black and white champagne flutes, imperially set up on a pedestal covered with silk printed after a drawing by Ara Starck.

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Starck transforms the Briccole di Venezia into plates.

“I’ve lived in Burano, these last 25 years.
Venice is far away,
The fog on the lagoon is thick, menacing, endless.
In it you are lost for ever.
But the Briccole are there.
By day they are noble.
At night indispensable.
In the fog they are essential.
Everything about the Briccole has a noble elegance.
Even and above all the wood, which now, humbly, ends its splendid life in our homes, in our hearts.
Your friend whose heart is in Burano.” Philippe Starck

Ceci n'est pas une truelle
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Ceci n'est pas une truelle

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Ti Tang Su Mi Tang
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Ti Tang Su Mi Tang

Hot Bertaa
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Hot Bertaa

Juicy Salif
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Juicy Salif

Presse citron en acier

Perché sur ses longues pattes, Juicy Salif ne fera qu'une bouchée de vos citrons. Mystérieux, on ne saurait dire s'il est gentleman ou vampire. Mais comme nous, vous serez séduit et étonné par sa présence et son physique.


Objets pointus
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Objets pointus