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juicy salif - 25th anniversary

JUICY SALIF, the most controversial lemon-squeezer of the twentieth century, is a topic of conversation as much as a revealer of ourselves and of our imagination. And also, it presses lemons.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this iconic object, Alessi has edited two exclusive versions of the Juicy Salif.

Champagne Roederer_Starck
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Champagne Cuvée Brut Nature 2006

"I believe that with any project embarked upon, it is key to get to the heart of the matter, rather than skirt round the edges. If I had accepted to work only on the bottle’s exterior, I would not have achieved something truly authentic. So, for this cuvée, I decided to get involved in the winemaking process itself to ensure that the final bottle would be the fruit of an honest process and a comprehensive collaboration in every way; I knew that this would be the only way to achieve total coherence between the design and the contents." PHS

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“What happens with the WA|HH?
I take my WA|HH and with a single spray
I feel a touch of euphoria thanks to an infinitesimal dose, a
thousand times less than a glass of alcohol.
The WA|HH is a modern and intelligent alternative
aligned with our own evolution, as one of the
clear signs of part of the intelligent human production
is dematerialization”.
Philippe Starck

Water Fountain
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Water Fountain


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Mineral Bottled Water
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Mineral Bottled Water