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"La brasserie Ha(a)ïtza est juste la brasserie de notre mémoire collective: intemporelle, grande, chaleureuse, vivante mais la différence est qu'elle est au Pyla, devant la mer, près de la dune et que ses patrons sont toujours les merveilleux Sophie et William de la Co(o)rniche. Rien de bien particulier mais l'addition du tout est unique et en fait encore un nouveau petit paradis". PH.S

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  • address : 322 boulevard de l'océan 35115, Pyla, France
Caffé Stern
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"The meeting of Stern and the Alajmo brothers is a magical obviousness. Just like the engraver Stern, the Alajmos - 2 guys from Padova, now in Venice – have been pursuing excellence and uniqueness.
To honour this magical encounter between both Stern and Alajmo quality, we barely transformed the classified historic place. We just improved the existing magic. The result is an ultimate place, probably the nicest bacaro in the world.
Visiting the Alajmo’s Caffè Stern is a journey through time, history, culture and an invitation into creativity and excellence. Our contribution was all about magic, poetry, surrealism and naturally about the food". PHS

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  • address : 47 passage des Panoramas 75002, paris, France
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miss ko
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Miss Ko


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  • address : 49 avenue George V 75008, Paris, France
ma cocotte
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Ma Cocotte

 ‘Ma cocotte can’t be described. ma cocotte lives. Not much theory, no
style, no fashion. Just a very clear desire.
The desire for a place warmed by its fireplaces and its kitchen, made
alive by its friends and its cooks, the kind of free space where anything
can happen, rich in the surprises that are hidden or shown on or in the
Is it a bistro in Paris? Is it a cafeteria somewhere else? Was the brick
there? Were the floor tiles really put together by a naive madman? Are
the bronzes cast in stone deliberate, or is it a mistake? Are there even
more hidden away somewhere?
Would the Droog bathroom be better in a clinic? Did they forget to paint
the chairs? Didn’t they have enough money to make the lamps and the
cutlery match? Who put together this incredible collection of surrealist
photographs? Why are the fireplaces there and yet not there?
At ma cocotte, there are more questions than answers.
All that matters is what’s in the bowl and who you’re eating with.’

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  • address : 93400, Saint Ouen, France
  • surface : 1000 M²


Mama Shelter Marseille
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Mama Shelter Marseille



Paradis du Fruit @Laurent Attias
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Paradis du fruit

 “ The Paradis du Fruit,
It is before anything else fruit and people,
Fruits: big, small, yellow, orange, red…
Vitamins, minerals…
We cannot be exhaustive with fruits, they are too vast, too good and very good too.
But the people.
Without the people from the Paradis, the fruit would only be fruit.
At the Paradis, with fruits, the people are not even people anymore. They are angels, geniuses, artists.
Unique, they search, pick, mix, press, blend, decant, infuse,
With talent, gift and vocation.
Without them, fruit would be less.
These angels are our messengers of the fruits.
Thank you and even more”

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“ Just a fisherman's hut on the water, love, friends and sun.
A'Trego only exists in our dreams ” Ph. S.


Royal Monceau
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Le Royal Monceau

“Le Royal Monceau has nothing to do once again, with the architecture or the decoration, it has to do with an exploration. The exploration of what is, of what should, of what could be the French spirit. Our strengths, our faults, that poetry, that romanticism, that reflection, those high-level critical spirits that kill or that qualify. The creation of a mental space in a place that replaces decoration; where there’s the mind instead of aesthetics, literature instead of style. Creating a full space; of a life, of a memory, of a passage as if the air were vibrated by music, as if the air was palpable because of a perfume, as if the air of a room became legible through the evocation of the spirit of a person who lived there and who would have left his souvenirs, his gifts, his memoirs." Ph.S.

Please click here to watch the video.

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  • address : 37 Avenue Hoche 75008, Paris, France


Kong, Terrasse
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Kong, Terrasse

The Restaurant Kong, Opens its New Terrace

7 years after its opening, the restaurant Kong keeps its rebellious and free spirit. Philippe Starck has invented a place that does not exist: the gallery, terrace, smoking room,... Designed in a hotel bar, this patio opened to the sky reveals all the daring and excessiveness of Philippe Starck, who has directed this wonderful adventure towards the sky.

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  • address : 1, rue du Pont Neuf 75001, Paris, France
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La Co(o)rniche

“One of the strongest, most beautiful, most poetic, most surreal, and most powerful place in nature.” Ph.S

La Co(o)rniche is an extraordinary location. Key landmark in the Pilat-Plage district, the vantage point over the Arcachon basin, backing onto the highest dune in Europe, it is suspended between sea and sky, nestling between sand and pines. This former 1930s hunting lodge in the heart of a preserved site, evokes the Golden Age and the invention of the Côte d’Argent.

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  • address : 46, Boulevard Louis Gaume 33115, Pyla-sur-Mer, France


Mori Venice Bar
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Mori Venice Bar

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  • address : 2, rue du Quatre Septembre 75002, Paris, France
Bazaar, SLS
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Bazaar, SLS

The SLS hotel, in Beverly Hills is the first luxury hotel which Starck designed in North America, having redefined all the aspects of the experience of the hotel in the 1990s and incited the movement of "shops-hotels".

Endowed with a unique concept of a double entrance where one will be exclusively for the customers of the hotel, whereas the other one will be more led: a restaurant and a sales area, named le Bazaar, will be opened to the public. The ingenious innovations of Starck for SLS promise to surprise, to calm, to incitate and to enchant, while representing an important evolution of the famous designer.

Bon I (après rénovation)
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Bon I (after renovation)

Difficult to describe the new Bon of rue de la Pompe, as there is no equivalent in Paris. Philippe Starck has created a fun decor, elegant and humorous, but in no way obscures one of the best Asian-inspired cuisines that we can find.

Click here to watch the video.

Katsuya Downtown
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Katsuya Downtown

“Katsuya Uechi chef understands better than anyone the magic of Japanese cuisine and honors the very essence of each ingredient. For the restaurant’s design, I wanted to evoke both the spiritual, humble simplicity of this culture as well as its flesh and humanity.” Ph.S

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  • address : 800 W. Olympic Blvd CA 90015, Los Angeles,
Katsuya Glendale
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Katsuya Glendale

“Katsuya Uechi chef understands better than anyone the magic of Japanese cuisine and honors the very essence of each ingredient. For the restaurant’s design, I wanted to evoke both the spiritual, humble simplicity of this culture as well as its flesh and humanity.” Ph.S

Baccarat Moscou
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Maison Baccarat

“It is a sort of Alice in Wonderland, a place of awoken dream. Nothing is real, everything is illusion. For a lot of people life is not very fun, it is too realistic. When you enter in the Cristal Room Baccarat in Moscow, nothing is realistic: all over there is poetry, everything is coming from somewhere else.” Ph.S

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SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills is the first true luxury hotel that Starck designed in North America, having single-handedly redefined every aspect of the hotel experience in the 1990s and spurred the ‘boutique hotel’ movement. Featuring a unique dual guest lobby concept where one will cater exclusively to hotel guests, while the other will be a lively, multi-faceted public dining and retail environment called The Bazaar. Starck’s ingenious innovations for SLS promise to surprise, soothe, excite and enchant, while representing an important evolution for the celebrated designer.

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XIV, an innovative experience in dining that promises to add an exciting new dimension to the Los Angeles culinary landscape. Located on Sunset Boulevard, XIV evokes an European chateau with it’s modern American cuisine with a fluid, convivial atmosphere and unique menu structure.

katsuya hollywood
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katsuya hollywood


katsuya brentwood
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katsuya brentwood


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Restaurant Bon

MAISON BACCARAT par Patricia Bailer
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Maison Baccarat

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  • address : 11 Place des Etats-Unis 75116, paris, france
asia de cuba
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asia de cuba


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