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crédit : Giorgi Bocolishvili
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CHAI les carmes haut brion

"Le vin est une magie
Son élaboration une science
Notre relation est sentimentale
Sa structure est une abstraction
Son effet un vertige
Sa connaissance une culture
Sa robe est virtuelle

On ne peut utiliser que le langage de l’immatériel, du mental pour conter le vin.

Sa maison se devait à l’évocation, au minimum, une intuition, un reflet
La merveille des Carmes Haut-Brion méritait cette cohérence, j’espère que nous n’avons pas démérité."


P.A.T.H. Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes
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P.A.T.H. Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes

P.A.T.H. is a reliable and intelligent solution for us, our children, the children of our children facing the challenges of ecology, economy and energy.'' PH. S

For more information on P.A.T.H. : www.starckwithriko.com

ma cocotte
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Ma Cocotte

 ‘Ma cocotte can’t be described. ma cocotte lives. Not much theory, no
style, no fashion. Just a very clear desire.
The desire for a place warmed by its fireplaces and its kitchen, made
alive by its friends and its cooks, the kind of free space where anything
can happen, rich in the surprises that are hidden or shown on or in the
Is it a bistro in Paris? Is it a cafeteria somewhere else? Was the brick
there? Were the floor tiles really put together by a naive madman? Are
the bronzes cast in stone deliberate, or is it a mistake? Are there even
more hidden away somewhere?
Would the Droog bathroom be better in a clinic? Did they forget to paint
the chairs? Didn’t they have enough money to make the lamps and the
cutlery match? Who put together this incredible collection of surrealist
photographs? Why are the fireplaces there and yet not there?
At ma cocotte, there are more questions than answers.
All that matters is what’s in the bowl and who you’re eating with.’

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  • address : 93400, Saint Ouen, France
  • surface : 1000 M²


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One of the iconic architectural components of Bilbao is the emerging heart of the city. L’Alhóndiga (1909), which was an ancient wine warehouse designed by Ricardo Bastida, is now transformed into the Alhondiga Bilbao. There is 43 000 square meters of surface area dedicated to activities that favor the love for knowledge and the awakening of cultural sensibility, which drives positive experiences in different steps of life and that contribute to the consolidation of strong values. Culture, knowledge and pleasure are all united in an innovative and multidisciplinary space – A part of life to share, to learn and most importantly, to appreciate with friends and family.

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  • address : Alameda de Recalde, 56 48010 , Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain


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Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs

le moult
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le moult